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Cat abscess and antibiotics

July 31st, 2003, 05:57 PM
My cat developed a large abscess under his chin, which the vet lanced and drained. He was given a shot or two of antibiotics during the surgery procedure. He was also given the three major shots for rabies, Bordetella, and something else that I can't remember.

My cat seems fine for the most part. He's eating well, and I've been cleaning the open wound with hydrogen peroxide. The wound looks healthy, and must be healing because it itches, and my cat wants me to scratch his neck around the wound.

I know he doesn't feel completely well though. He doesn't want to go outside at all; utilizes the litter box. He sat directly outside the door last night and when I picked him up to bring him inside to go to bed; he began growling deep in his throat. He just wants to rest and sleep.

I'm supposed to administer 4 cc's, twice daily, of liquid antibiotic for 14 days. This seems extreme to me. I called the vet and asked if this regimen was really necessary. I've given him 3 does now, and I'm wondering if that's what's making my cat not feel well.

The vet said if I wanted to keep the wound clean and avoid the antibiotics I could, but if any swelling or fever became present; to bring him in immediately. He said it had been a large and deep abscess and that's why he prescribed the antibiotics.

As I rule, I think it's better for the body, whether human or animal, when the immune system fights off an infection. I'm not doubting there's a place for antibiotics but I believe they're over prescribed and in many cases cause more harm than good.

I've treated my cat(s) before for abscesses and when the wound opened up, I cleaned them with hydrogen peroxide and a little mercurochrome. The only reason I took my cat to the vet in this case was because I wasn't positive it was an abscess and it was so near the head, brain and heart.

I would appreciate any information and insight someone might have.

Thank you.

July 31st, 2003, 08:38 PM
I totally agree that it's best to let a healthy animal (or human) use their natural resources to fight an infection. When my cat had a nasty abcess right between his ears, I did use the course of antibiotics just because (like yours) it was right where his brain, eyes & all those vulnerable organs were! He was none the worse for wear and remains very healthy four years later. :)

You didn't really mean a bordatella shot, did you? That's kennel cough, dogs get it and it's usually no more serious than a human cold. :)

August 1st, 2003, 12:08 PM
Thank you very much for the info.

My cat is finally starting to act more like himself. He decided to go outside for the first time since Tuesday.

He sleeps in the house at night 99.9% of the time. I don't mind him being out during the day while I'm at work, because the other Tom's are usually asleep during the day, but roam at night.

I decided to go ahead with the liquid Amoxicillin for about 5 to 7 days, rather than 14. It WAS a big infection and since the infection was so near the brain and heart; it might be a good idea to give him some antibiotic treatment -- not that I like it. If it was anywhere else; I wouldn't bother with the antibiotic.

The shots were for rabies, feline leukemia and feline distemper combined with FIP, FCV I think. I don't have my documentation in front of me.