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something is wrong with my dog. he has these attacks

August 2nd, 2005, 11:08 AM
someone help please! :( i have a pomeranian that is about 12-13 years old. for a while now he has had these attacks (or spasms). these attacks happened about once a month (maybe once every few months) but now they happen everyday. this is what happens when he has an attack. when the attack starts he tries to stand up but he just falls back down. what times he can stay up, he is walking sideways and running in to everything. he shakes real bad and most of the time, he stretches his leg(s) out. (one or two of them) he cant put his leg back to his body till the attack is over or calmed down. he turns his neck to the side and keeps it there as well. just like the leg, his neck sometimes stays to the side till everything starts to calm down. i dont know what is going on. i dont know if he is having seizures or strokes or what. i know i need to take him to the vet and i plan to soon. (vets are not cheap. we all know that) does anyone have a idea as to what could be happening to him? again this is the attacks he has:
shakes terribly, legs stretch out and head turns to side most of the time. sometimes instead of stretching his legs, he may lift them up. one leg in the front or one in back. they dont come back like it should be till the attack has calmed. he tries to stand but just falls down. . what times he does stand he walks sideways and runs into everything because he cant keep his balance.
normally these attacks came once every couple of months but now its everyday. sometimes 1-3 times a day. yesterday he had 6 of these attacks. and now even when he does not have the attacks, he still has no balance. (not a good one anyway). his head bobs up and down or sways back and forth.
someone please help me out. i know this is probably something the vet will have to see but until i get the money to do so, i cant take him.i may not be able to do something for him myself, but i would still like to get an opinion on what the cause could be or what it is. just so i know or have a idea. :( you can write back on this or email me if possible (

August 2nd, 2005, 11:16 AM
Please get him to the vets ASAP.

White Wolf
August 2nd, 2005, 11:26 AM
Please go to the vet. We can't help your dog, only a vet can. Please come back with an update.