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dog sitting

August 2nd, 2005, 01:56 AM
Before we got our 7 month old pup Lola, we regularly kept my parent`s dog (14+ 50lb mutt) when they would go out of town. She does fine at our house and has known & got along with our older dog since they were both young. The only behavior problem we`ve had is that she takes possesion of our dogs bed and growls (at the dog) when approached. Maggie (our big dog) is so low key, she just wanders off to sleep elsewhere. Bertha (mom`s dog) also has to sleep right next to my bed, which (surprise!) is also where Lola sleeps. Bertha & Lola have met several times at mom`s house, but Bertha hasn`t been here since Lola has. I`m afraid we`re gonna have some issues!

Normally we leave food out & Bertha & Maggie eat out of each others bowls (we mix their food so they both get the same thing) but Lola gets possessive if she starts on a bowl first, so meals times will need supervised. I`m thinking of putting one of them in a kid`s room a night (with a gate) but not sure which one will complain the most. For sure we`re not leaving them unsupervised at all.

This is gonna be an interesting couple of days at least :fingerscr

August 2nd, 2005, 02:25 AM
Good luck! :) I think the main thing is the food. I think you should keep them apart for feedings. For the beds, I have probably around 6 beds plus Boo's futon, for just Jemma and Boo. There are dog beds and blankets everywhere... When I wash them all, they make about 3 or 4 loads... Last summer, I watched an older greyhound mix and she had no problem finding a bed that wasn't used. :)

August 3rd, 2005, 01:32 AM
We`ve got through the evening so far, but right now both Lola & Bertha are trying to lay on my feet. I thought Lola was trying to get Bertha to play, but now I think it could be something else. She keeps putting a paw to Bertha`s head, not over her back though & Bertha is snarling & growling. Lola keeps getting in her face even though she runs away at the growls. Lola was taken from her mother very early & still doesn`t always have good dog manners (we`re working on that). I have her leashed to my foot right now to keep her off. They both think of our home as theirs although Bertha is only a guest and they are very much 'momma`s dogs', so they both really look to me. They are settled right now with Lola leashed, but I`m dreading putting them to bed shortly (up narrow stairs, hallway & one of them into a kids room). I`m still working on who will whine most if she`s separated from me, probably Bertha, argh.

Well I`m probably going to regret this post in the morning for sounding like such an idiot. If anyone can tell me the meaning of the 'paw to the head' gesture I`d be grateful. At first it looked like a questing playful thing, but then it looked more like appeasment (since she runs & cowers when snarled at) or dominence. Lola has wierd body language and may not even be sure WHAT she wants. I think she is going to remain leashed when they are loose in the house together.

Prin, if you wouldn`t mind, could you go through again what you do to teach 'that doggie hurts'? We`ve been slacked off on Lola`s training since puppy class 2 months ago (gonna be starting obediance soon) and it sure shows.

Why couldn`t my folks have a nice goldfish? :o

August 3rd, 2005, 02:10 AM
I would place restrictions on the freedom Bertha has in your home, she is only the guest. It is Lolas home and she is getting punished(in her eyes) for wanting to use the spaces that have always been hers. Though sharing is great, Bertha seems to be winning out with everything. It ends up being very confusing kind of like saying you can lay on the couch anytime unless there is company.

August 3rd, 2005, 02:27 AM
Thanks for answering Stacey. Theoreticly you`re right, but I can`t see how I could work it to restrict Bertha. She`s been in our house many times with no problems, but we`ve changed things on her. She is really old, plus doesn`t have any real training (and she`s a whiner)

My point of view is that Lola needs to respect our guest`s space as much as she`s learned to leave Maggie alone. They should be able to pass each other without Lola pawing at Bertha`s face & she should respect my command to leave her alone. I don`t feel Lola is being punished by being leashed, its just enforcing what I`m telling her to leave Bertha alone. As for sleeping, Lola doesn`t mind sleeping in the kid`s rooms, she often does it. I`ve just never tired making her stay in there. If it doesn`t work, I`ll be on the couch tonight & they can all sleep where they please, I just don`t want to be whined at or have them picking at each other all night.

They are both acting like brats & I`m tempted to toss one outside for the night (not going to! just tempted :evil: )

Thanks, they are just overwhelming me tonite!

PS That`s it! Someone just peed on the kitchen floor & I know it wasn`t one of my dogs. I`m going block off the stairs & Bertha can sleep downstairs tonite. Hopefully she won`t whine ALL night.

August 3rd, 2005, 07:34 AM
Hope you night went ok. Does Bertha have a bed of her own at your parents that you can pick up for her. It is a fine line. Yes, you want Lola to respect the visitor but at the same time you don't want Lola to think she will be in trouble when visitors stay. This happens quite often when one has an over excited dog and when company comes over they are placed in a different room. It ends up being viewed as if visitors are bad. I hope all works out.