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Anyone here make jewelry?

August 1st, 2005, 06:19 PM
Just wondering if anyone here makes jewelry, like beaded necklaces, earings, bracelets, etc.

I'm actually looking either for some stores in the southern ontario that have good deals on findings and beads, or maybe even an online store that is based in Canada that is reasonable.

I used to do LOTS of beading, and gave it up because it was too expensive, but I started getting back into it in the last year (still expensive...I spend $78 this weekend at Michael's just on beeds/findings/wire).

I was thinking of selling my work, but don't want to go into any trouble of marketing myself....websites, etc...not worth it. I was just thinking of doing custom work on commision if people wanted stuff..then just word of mouth from there.

I'm doing the necklaces and earings for my best friends wedding this weekend (for bride and bridesmaids). I'm doing it for free though, as a gift.

August 1st, 2005, 07:15 PM
I used to, and I used to make fimo stuff too. In Montreal there are a few bead shops around and I know at least one gives lessons... Not too much help for you out there.. ;)

August 1st, 2005, 08:08 PM
I used to do Fimo too! It was so long and hard though...and not to mention tough on the muscles and hands (kneeding SOOOO long just to get it smooth!)

I was hoping someone would post here and suggest a place for good findings. I need to buy crimp covers, but can't find them at any of the stores I know, only online (and in the US...WAY to expensive).

August 1st, 2005, 10:24 PM
There is another type of fimo, I forget what it's called, but it's softer than Fimo- I usually mix it in a bit to help soften the fimo quicker...

What's a crimp cover?

August 1st, 2005, 10:35 PM
i have made and sold jewelery at local markets for the past 2yrs. i have jsut stopped actually as im bored with it, but it was a great money spinner. if you can get good priced finding and beads your set, my outlay was about $100 and i made all up about$1200 which is pretty good, and to me an indication if i had the nouse i oculd really make a go of a business, to make $1200 without assistance is pretty cool really and very self sufficent...

you also have lots of unique gifts for family (my sister inlaws think it is disgusting that i would make a present and not buy it, so i cnat give any to them, arrogant !@#$%^ talk about sad ppl :eek: )

alot of my findings were purchased at my local habadashery store, its the big ones though, not the little ones (do you ahve spotlight stores, they have great cheap findings)...

and the other place i brought was on ebay but only from australians, so try that. i found great bargains such as 200 silver plated head pins for $2 and so forth, it was really cheap and very good, you also get to know the sellers and they treated me very well.... i got all my crimps, filler beads, head pins, memory wires, beads, the lot on ebay and in my local habadashery stores, also craft stores are a wondereful sorce of findings.....some of them have online stores which is pretty cheap too....

bugger though as i jsut sold all of my findings for a round price of $1oo, they got a great deal i assure you. and i ahve hung onto the solid silver findings for making my own or family jewels (obviously not my stuck up sister inlaws), its worth jsut making it for yourself, you save a fortune.... :p

i was actually thinking of doing jewelery making classes but a local lady beat me to it. and thats the problem, over here its becoming very popular to make your own, so there is too much competetion to bother...

but it was good and i made some cash which was the point of it all i suppose, i jsut got a bit bored of it but im sure i will be interested again one day. there are some great small jewel making books also, with great ideas and patterns....

have fun

August 2nd, 2005, 06:42 PM
200 silver plated head pins for $2 (AUD $1.86 CAD)...that's a STEAL. Even at the huge bulk stores here you would never get it that cheap. I just spent $1.50 CAD ($1.61 AUD) on 20 plain (not silver plated) head pins. I never thought to look to ebay though.

I find that findings are SOOOO expensive here. THere is one really big bulk seller called John Bead, but you have to be a business or charity to get in there (there is this long application) and you have to spend at least $300 each time you go. Otherwise you spend an arm and a leg at local bead stores. I spent $5 on 20 pairs of earings (the fishhook ones)...and I usually don't make earings, but it was the smallest package.

Crimp beads are "C" shaped beads that you put over your ugly crimps to cover them up. After you put them over, you close them up. Looks like a nice round metal bead after. It makes a necklace look a lot more polished.

I remember that stuff for fimo. I recall it didn't work that well.