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Cats need homes-Newmarket/Aurora

August 1st, 2005, 04:43 PM
Animal Crusaders of Ontario is a no-kill, non-profit all volunteer organization involved in rescue and adoption of mainly cats in the Newmarket/Aurora area. The animals come from the public across Ontario, senior citizens, allergy sufferers, strays and animal control centres. Formed in 1997, it consists of a network of several foster homes in and outside Metro. Our foster homes match applicants to a cat of their choice based on a pre-adoption interview, considering existing pets and if needed information from veterinary doctor or a visit to the future home. Volunteers also feed, spay/neuter and vaccinate feral colonies of cats in Toronto and vicinity and find homes for the adoptable ones.

ACO is also committed to educating the public about animal care issues: the importance of animal control through spaying and neutering of pets, keeping them indoors and providing the best nutrition. Each cat rescued by the group is neutered or spayed, vaccinated, dewormed, deflead and treated for any urgent medical needs often including blood tests. Micro-chipping is optional. ACO offers daily valuable tips in treating behaviour problems in cats or dogs, advises allergy sufferers in ways of dealing with their pet in order to reduce the symptoms. It is helpful regarding the care of pets for people who are about to move or are planning to go on vacation. Some declawed and older cats are given for fostering to cancer patients who enjoy immensely the quiet and loving feline companionship. Some extraordinary problems ACO helps with include cats that have been hit by cars or caught in fan belts. Some cats come to us with ingrown collars and harnesses, broken limbs, severe burns or frostbite. We also help in retrieving cats stuck in trees. Orphaned and feral kittens join the program most of the year in large numbers. We assist the public in trapping and caring for strays on their own if they wish to do so. It is a known fact that many barns in the country are breeding grounds for an excessive number of starving and unhealthy cats. ACO assists willing farmers to spay/neutering all of their cats, adopting suitable ones and bringing in instead healthy and fixed cats suitable for barns.

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