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Bad hips/knees, pain meds...

July 27th, 2005, 06:03 PM
Okay guys, I have just got a heartbreaking call from a friend that I really need help on. This is gonna be long...

My friends' bought a 3 legged Shih Tzu from a BYB because she was going to be put down...I knew that they would be in for some problems when their friend who bought a "healthy" dog from the byb, watched her 5 year old dog die in front of her.

Anyway, Zena is 1.5 years old and has just been taken to a vet because she was sitting funny. Her hips are terrible, her left one needs to be operated on now and the right one soon...then possibly her knees (so probably about 4 operations in 2 years or less, depending on how long each operation takes to heal). The vet says its partly genetics and partly because she only has the one front leg. The vet has her on pain meds now (don't know the dosage) because she is definately in pain...they are sending the X-rays to a specialist and will hear back from him soon...

Because their dog has been raised like a hand-bag dog - since she is small and handicapped, she has never been trained and the one time she was left alone at the vet's office, she was totally traumatized. This dog has been treated more like a human enfant and has never been disciplined so I just don't know how she would deal with all the surgeries.

My friends' are not rich and in the last month have already paid out near $1000 for various other ailments. I know they can't afford it but I know they would do the surgery if the prognosis was good (which they don't know at the moment)... They are concerned that she won't deal with the separation/isolation of surgery, she's only 1.5 years old and because she is clearly a dog from a byb, is this just delaying the inevitable.

All I know is that glucosamine sulfate is good for yo guys know of anything else? Any other therapies? And treatments? Anything?

Thank you so much! I am at a complete loss, I feel dreadful for them because I knew that she was probably doomed (being from a byb)...

Here's Zena,

Lucky Rescue
July 27th, 2005, 10:22 PM
Oh poor little dog!

For the financial difficulties associated with these surgeries, your friends might try IMOM ( and explain the circumstances under which they got this dog (to save her life) and maybe they can get help there!

Damn bybers!! :mad: Lining their pockets and not caring in the least about the suffering they cause.

July 27th, 2005, 10:42 PM
I may have missed it but is there a behaviour issue or just a spoiled dog.

July 27th, 2005, 11:42 PM
What do you want to know? How to pay, what to do for the joints or how to prepare the dog for surgery or all of the above?

July 28th, 2005, 12:40 AM
Oh Zena,you poor little girl..... :sad:

When my previous GSD had Rhumatoid(sp) Arthritis,I was giving him the Glucosamine,Shark Cartlidge and Bufferin(vet ok'd it)

Another thing that I have heard great reviews of is Sashas Blend.And if I am correct,there is someone on here that uses it for their dog.

My current GSD has a bit of arthritis.I give him ehat is called K9 MX.It's a canine version of Lakota.And Lakota is great.My dad has arthritis in his knee and I picked it up for him.It works wonders.

Here is the link for the K9 MX.I get it from my pet supply store.

I'm not sure how well it works for dogs with severe hip and knee problems.

July 28th, 2005, 07:36 AM
Zena is adorable, the poor thing will have to go through so much to start to feel better!

My Misty uses Sasha's Blend. She doesn't have very good hips and she has already had surgery in one knee (torn anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments). She has osteoarthritis of the knees and hips. I can honestly say that Sasha's Blend has worked miracles on Misty. She went from not being able to climb stairs, not being able to lift herself up and screaming in pain when you tried to move her to a very active dog who runs around the house and jumps on everything and everybody once she started using the Sasha's Blend. The vet had recommended it to us because it was all natural and we didn't want to keep her on NSAID for the rest of her life.

Sasha's Blend comes in a powder that you just mix in with their food once a day. Dog's tend to really like it. Misty gets excited when she sees the bottle. Also, like most natural supplements, it can take a couple of weeks to be effective. Luckily, with Misty she started to feel better within a couple of days.

I haven't tried any of the other natural supplements, but I have heard great things about them as well.

Hope all works out well for Zena and please keep us updated.

July 28th, 2005, 07:48 AM
So sorry I couldn't reply sooner, I have been trying to research and be of some "comfort" to Zena owners...

Lucky Rescue, thank-you so much for that link, it looks like it might be helpful. I am 100% in agreement, I can't believe that byb's can get away with this, let alone with a clear conscience.

Zena doesn't really have a behaviour problem, she is literally a very spoiled dog. No discipline, no training, never alone - she is the equivalent of a human infant!

Zena's owners are already thinking about whether its kinder to have her put down. I wasn't very clear earlier, her hips need to be operated on because they are not in the sockets...and I don't know if the arthritis would go away if they fixed the hips?? I have no idea what the success rate it is? And I don't know much about the knee problems - other than the vet thinks they will need to be operated on eventually. Would these surgery's be less successful because she has 3 legs which causes her to walk funny (another problem is that her front leg bears so much extra weight that it will cause problems too)

I know Zena is not my responsibility and I defintaely won't have a say in the decision but I just can't entertain the idea that she would be better off being put to sleep. It seems like that putting her down is being tossed around a lot and I thought, if I got some info together about possible treatments/success stories, it would at least let them view all options equally...

I know they are thinking that these could be "wasted surgeries" since the bad breeding is likely to catch up to Zena anyway. They don't want this dog on pain meds for the rest of her life when she is not even 2 years old yet.

So anything you guys can share, I will take to them and hope it helps them to make the best decision. They have asked me to tag along with them to the next vet appointment so I am trying to compile a list of questions/alternatives to ask the they will probably not be thinking clearly...

Thanks again, if there are any other suggestions, comments, experiences, please share...I don't know anything about hip displaysia, bad knees, arthritis etc...


July 28th, 2005, 07:55 AM
mona_b and beaglemom - thank-you so much for sharing what you have used or use on your dogs...I really appreciate it. I would like to show them that Zena could be happy and hopefully pain free after the surgery - without being stuck on pain meds prescribed by the vet...

I really want to thank-you both - I know they will appreciate this too!

I am going to research everything you both suggested and I hope to bring it to them today. Thank-you so much!


July 28th, 2005, 04:39 PM
I'm very sorry to tell everyone that Zena's owners called and told me that they put her to sleep a few hours ago.

I'm shocked, disappointed and really upset and sorry for poor little Zena. I don't understand why they did this, I just can't believe it.

I am so sorry I wasted everyone's time, I never ever expected this to happen.