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Colorado in trouble

July 26th, 2005, 09:57 PM
I just moved to Colorado from California and had to leave my baby back home because the apartment my bf and i got didnt allow pits or any "aggresive" breeds. that was bad but not to horrible because we were planning on rent a house when we got settled anyway and were going to bring her out. Now we might have problems. My bf is going to school in Denver but we live outside of Denver in Aurora where pits arn't banned. well they weren't banned. Aurora is now deciding to follow in Denver's footsteps in banning Pit Bulls and their unfortunate look alikes i.e. any terrier with a big head and smile. its total bull! This of course means i might not get to see my baby for an entire year. i don't understand why these bans arn't considered inhumane especially, when it comes down to it, it means euthanizing sweet, healthy animals with no history of violence. personally i think its a straight forward case of animal cruelty!

July 27th, 2005, 06:35 PM
Welcome to the Board Mypetbull, Im so sorry to hear of your situation, is there any chance that Aurora will "grandfather" pit bulls already living there. This is often the case when a new ban comes into place. If this is a possibility you may want to research it right away and register or what ever they want you to do before the ban. Is there actually a proposal in writing that you could read? Also we in Ontario are just about to go through our version of this horror story so we all feel greatly connected to whats going on in Denver, if you know of anything we can do to help many of us will be happy to do what we can... Here we have an umbrella group called Banned Aid who has hired a very well reputed lawer to fight the bill that is calling for the ban. Do you have local organizations who are fighting it?