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Adding a kitten

July 26th, 2005, 08:53 AM
Hi there,
I'm just looking for some general advice. We have a kitten (Theo) who is 10 weeks old and has lived with us for 2 weeks now. He is very comfortable in our home and loves to play. He originally came with his sister, who was the runt and unfortunately passed away about a week ago. We wanted to get him a playmate and decided to adopt a kitten (also a male) who was a bit older than Theo (12 weeks) but also a bit more calm. He did not seem to be playing the dominant role in his old home but he is bigger than Theo. We let the new guy, Trot, get acclamated on one side of the house and then introduced Theo did not go well. There was hissing and yelling, and neither kitten seemed very happy. We separated them again and reintroduced the next day. Results were a bit better, but there was definitely still hissing and growling and the new kitten eventually hid under the couch. Are we going about this the right way? Any helpful advice out there?

Thanks! :confused:

Lucky Rescue
July 26th, 2005, 09:34 AM
Usually introducing kittens is pretty easy. Try rubbing them both with the same towel, and get out some toys for them to distract them. Try something like a feather wand!

Some spitting and hissing is normal, but they should get over it in an hour or so.

July 26th, 2005, 09:40 AM
You're right, we actually pulled out the feather wand last night (best toy ever by the way) and they both relaxed a bit, but once they got within a foot of each other, the hissing fired up again. Do you think there could be a dominance issue here as well or are they too young for that? Is the size difference a problem?

Thanks again...I'll definitely try the mixing of scents advice.

July 26th, 2005, 09:49 AM
A Friend Of Mine Had A Kitten That Was 8 Weeks Old And Then Two Weeks Later Got Another One. They Did Not Get Along At First Either.she Did Not Seperate Them Though. She Just Gave It Time And Within A Week They Were Laying Down Together And Playing.they Were Hissing And Swapping At Eachother Also. So I Would Say Get Some Toys And Just Give It Time. They Will Get Along When They Are Comfortable Around Eachother

Lucky Rescue
July 26th, 2005, 09:53 AM
Cats have no hierarchy, so don't have dominance issues the way dogs do.

Your kitten only knew his sister, so he's probably afraid of the new kitten,(especially if he's bigger) and just needs some time to get over it.

When they're hungry, feed them something yummy and gradually get the food bowls closer together. Switch bowls. Give your first kitten a little time in whatever room you're keeping the new kitten, so he can thoroughly check out the smells, litterbox etc.

I wouldn't worry too much! I've introduced adult tomcats, so two babies shouldn't be a problem.:)

July 26th, 2005, 10:50 AM
The advise LR gave is great.

After is adopted my cat at 8 weeks,we decided 6 months later to adopt a little sister for Casper.LR gave me great advise as I was terrified as to the outcome of the introduction.I know,I was a big wuss.. :p ...Casper was already a bit aggressive.I did everything LR said to do.I kept Winnie in the carrier and let Casper check her out.He was NOT impressed at all.He was biting at her paw as she stuck it out.We kept her in our room.Then we put Casper in our room and let Winnie check out her new pad.We did this for a little over a week.Then it came to the face to face intro.I could not be around to watch.Hubby had Casper,daughter had Winnie.Now remember,this was a 6 month old and an 8 week old.Casper ended up chasing Winnie.To make a long story short,after a few weeks,Casper was cleaning Winnie,and they were sleeping together.They are the best of buds.And what I find really sweet is that if Casper is meowing(he's deaf)in the house,she will go right to him.She could be in a dead sleep and she will do this.

It will take time.But they will get along.A friend also just went through this with her 2 kittens.She got one then another about 3 weeks later.Cookies and Cream are now doing great.

I do need to make a suggestion about the feather wand.Please please make sure you put it away after play.When I only had Casper,he got a hold of it and started to play with it.He dragged it around and went under the chair.He ended up having the elastic part wrapped around his back paw and the chair.It scared the crap out of us.We had to cut the elastic part fron his leg.

What I use for play time is the flashlight.Casper goes crazy and chases the light.Winnie wants no part of it...LOL

July 26th, 2005, 11:16 AM
Great advice,

Thanks to you all!!