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Need Advice

July 26th, 2005, 08:28 AM
One of my cats has been missing since October 2002 and every once in awhile, someone will have a 'found' cat who matches his description and I still check the Ottawa Humane Society and local shelters & rescue organizations when there's a cat that matches his description. I just never want to completely give up hope in finding him. He was my baby (favorite cat if I had to pick one) and I miss him more than anything.
I recently put a post on here because of a cat hanging around my parents place....they have a 'found' cat and had put a found ad in the newspaper (he's going to the Queensway-West Animal Hospital in Kanata today to live there as their 'clinic cat')...anyway, I saw another found ad in the newspaper matching my lost cat's description.
A woman in Kanata has been feeding this comes by her place every night between seems to have an eye infection.....
My question is this....If we were to trap this cat in Kanata and he turns out to not be my missing cat, what should I do with him? I would feel guilty just letting him go in the condition that he's in (eye infection, possible other health problems)....I could pay to have him neutered, but that gets expensive if I did that with every cat that was found, and I can't adopt him because I live in a small apartment with 2 cats already and my parents own and look after 15 cats already (responsibly, these cats are altered and go to the vet when necessary).....will a rescue organization take him? Is that the responsible thing to do?
Maggie Barron, Ottawa, ON, CANADA

July 26th, 2005, 12:22 PM
I think it would be incredibly kind of you to do all that, the neuter, the vet check-up, etc, if you have the funds, but you don't have to keep it afterward, you know. If you don't have the room, and your personal kitty population is too big, then you could adopt him out afterward. The only thing is, how many kitties will you catch and neuter? You'll have to start an organization! :)