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Tour de Lance!! End of an era

July 24th, 2005, 05:04 PM
Well, the Tour de France ended today, as did the end of an era. Lance Armstrong, the winningest racer has retired, stepping on his last podium of his career. I'm sure I'm in the minority of those who really care (according to Cheryl, I'm the ONLY one who actually watches every minute!), but I still wanted to post in case there were any other Cyclefiles out there! The man who came back from having a 10% chance to live, to winning not just the tour, but the first to win 7, and in a row, no less! Now, who will pick up the torch? Jan Ullrich, who is only a year behind Armstrong, and the last person to win the tour who wasn't named Lance? Iban Mayo, who has MANY years left? Then there's Tyler Hamilton, who, in my opinion, and many other's, one of the toughest athletes alive (in 2003, he broke his collarbone on the second day of a three week race, a race in which a high percentage of riders drop out, he came in 4 overall). Depending on how his appeal goes for a VERY questionable blood doping accusation, but I could definitely see him winning a tour or two. Oh, and just to make him relevant to this board, he had the most famous dog in the tour, Tugboat ( , who, unfortunatly passed away last year during the tour. It was also last year when the toughest man alive dropped out of the Tour, and this passing was a large part of it.

At any rate, regardless of what one might think of Lance Armstrong the person, Lance Armstrong the cyclist was a great ambassador for the race of gentlemen, and promises to continue being a crusador for victims and survivors of cancer everywhere. (and if you're wondering, that's where those yellow bracelets come from)

doggy lover
July 24th, 2005, 05:54 PM
My daughter did a fund raising for the Armstrong foundation for school. They had to find for her leadership class a charity to do fundraising for, so she had to research it, present it to her class, teacher and principle, and she won. They raised over $5000 for cancer with the yellow bands and daffodils. I was very proud of her. Too bad he is retiring.

July 24th, 2005, 08:05 PM
my husband and his father are cycling nuts, they both used to compete in fitter days of past...

lance armstrong is a hero in this household, he is a true legend and a widl inspiration, it was only the other week i sat with my nephew and we saw him on tv, i used his story to show my nephew that anything is possible and that lance was so sick yet went on to become the champ he is today, he did not let illness stop him.... my nephew is now very interested in him also, its good for the young boys in our family to be inspired by someone so healthy, instead of screwed up rock stars or such...

its a shame he has retired, but really how many times can eh win, he wil lget bored of it i suppose :D

but he is a true inspiration and may go on to be an inspiration for many generations to come...

anything is possible....