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My puppy is gone & I need answers, my Vet is clueless!

July 22nd, 2005, 11:19 PM
:sad: Last night my poor Spinner had to be put to sleep due to an unknown fatal illness. I'm beside myself! I need answers! We''''''''ve been takeing him to the same Vet for his entire life. And ever since puppyhood (about 1 yr of age) he'd had a diareah problem. If he would eat anything other than his normal dog food, he'd stop eating for days & lay around all depressed and blah looking & start pooping watery diareah all over the house, he would never pee in the house though so i know nature's call was urgent.

Anyway, we were worried so we took him to the vet and he said he just has a sensitive stomach and just not to feed him anything other than his normal dog we did & the cycle continued but he always seemed very depressed and tired but our Vet continued to insist that nothing was wrong, even when we told him that Spinner's poops were like gooey with blood clots. He said that his intestinal tract & stomach were irritated, causing the blood. July 4th was the last day my puppy ate anything!

First he stopped eating, then he got the poops again, then he began throwing up everything & when there was nothing left, he would throw up bile. Then we took him back to the vet. The vet drew some blood & suspected a low thyroid & sent us home with meds for nausea & vomiting.

When the test results came back, it showed that his thyroid level was < .50 & that his kidneys were failing slowley. But the vet told us that we just had to give him some meds for the thyroid and he should get better. Well, at first it seemed to be working, he even ate a little bit of food, but then when he ran out of the nusea pills, he rappidly went down hill. He began vomiting greenish yellow stuff all over the place! I, a mother of 2 children & owner of many pets have never in my entire life seen so much vomit from one animal or being! He didn't even have anything to vomit so i couldn't understand where it was comming from.

Then one day turned into the next until Tuesday night, he went out side and the last time i saw him move on his own he was going back and forth to the water bowl trying to cure his thurst but it seemed that he just couldn't. Then he lay in the grass and wouldn't even come inside to go to bed. I went outside and checked on him several times that night and not once did he move from that spot! His head stairing straight ahead all night. He didn't sleep it seemed. I think he was paralyzed! And he felt all cold and clamy.

Then in the morning i told my husband that he had to come in because it was going to get hot out durring the day & my husband had to carry him in. All 78 lbs of him. This dog did not move a muscle! & when he put him down that is where he stayed all day until that afternoon when my husband took him to the vet for the last time. By the time that they got there he couldn't stand on his own, and he didn't seem to have any feeling in his body yet he was still alive and looking around.

The vet said that he thinks his kidneys just gave up but other than that, i am left with no idea of what happened to my baby dog! He was such a good boy and i miss him soooo much!

I hate comming home to my house and him not being here! It just feels all wrong! I know that this outcome could have been prevented because he had symptoms of something being wrong for over 2yrs now & I was always told that he was okay or to give him Pepto or wait it out!

Please help me come to terms with this. I'm not looking for a positive definite answer from you, but just a second opinion. Thank you for your time. --Erin

July 22nd, 2005, 11:31 PM
I'm so sorry for everything you had to go through, I can tell you loved this little angel of a pup. :sad:

If you are having trouble coming to terms, as you say, why don't you ask your vet about an autopsy?

No matter what, your little guy is at peace, and free of pain and suffering. :grouphug:

Sorry that this is your "welcome" to the board, but welcome just th same


July 22nd, 2005, 11:33 PM
That's just the problem. The vet never suggested anything! He has the personality of a stick! Unfortunatly he's the only one who is local which is why we didn't go to somebody different. I wanted to do one but i'm pretty sure that they already creamated him :( Also, this guy has put us through the ringer as far as $$$ is concerned. We are gonna be broke for quite some time now & i don't think i could have paid for one any way. But thank you for your condolences.

July 22nd, 2005, 11:40 PM
You know what then? Nevermind. I think that you are a wonderful person to have gone the distance for Spinner while he was alive that's what he needed, and you were there for him. Autopsy results might explain things, but it won't take the pain away from the loss--only time can do that.

Spinner is at peace and you should have peace too. :) :grouphug:

July 22nd, 2005, 11:48 PM
thanks you guys :) I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. All i want to know is if anyone else has ever had an animal with something like this that actually found out what was wrong with their puppy. I just want to know what illness killed him that this Vet couldn't diagnoss!

July 23rd, 2005, 12:06 AM
Don't torture yourself with what ifs. Besides, it does sound like Acute Renal Failure, just that your vet couldn't be bothered to take some time with you to explain is all. :sad:

Acute renal failure can be cause by many many things. In a puppy, for example he could have had a parasite, or a bacterial infection, or he could have even ingested a plant that was toxic..anything! It could have even been a genetic problem.

July 23rd, 2005, 07:41 AM
Mayerea,I am really sorry for your loss,what a terrible experience both for you and your pup :sad:
In the last couple of weeks,we've read about many misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all diseases in dogs,where the final outcome has been death..
I find it very scary..I know even the human doctors sometimes guesses and hopes for the best,but we put our trust and hopes into our vet and Dr.

Mayerea,any time any of our much loved animals pass on,it's a devastating loss and probably even more so if unexplained,but take some comfort in knowing,your pup feels no more pain,no more prodding and tests...he's at peace.
I know it's not any comfort at the moment,you want your dog back,healthy and happy..but one day you'll love another dog and Spinner will be happy for you. :grouphug:

July 23rd, 2005, 09:16 AM
Hi Erin,

This is the saddest story I've ever heard. I'm so sorry for you, your pup and your family. I know what you mean when you talk about it being quiet when you get home. I had a dog many years ago who died. It's the worst reminder that your dog is gone. Please take comfort in the fact that you did what you could to help him. You were so persistent in getting him to the vet and getting him his meds. Your family loved him. You loved him. He knew that. Try doing some journalling about your feelings just so you can rationalize the ordeal. You did what you could out of love. The vet was ignorant and because of him you lost your baby. Let yourself grieve,

((hugs)) Laurie

Cookie's Mom
July 23rd, 2005, 10:32 AM
thanks you guys :) I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face. All i want to know is if anyone else has ever had an animal with something like this that actually found out what was wrong with their puppy. I just want to know what illness killed him that this Vet couldn't diagnoss!

I can't tell you how badly I feel for you. I am so very sorry. I can't offer you any medical advice, but if you get another dog, as someone else mentioned, find another vet. Our beloved vet of 20 years died two years ago of lung cancer. We was not only a very good diagnostician, but a very caring doctor. He would always call us HIMSELF with the results of any test that we had done and you could not have asked for a more loving and caring vet. He was clearly in it for the love of animals, his charges were fair, and he was more concerned with getting the pet well than with getting rich. We miss him so, and I have a feeling he was one in a million. God bless you, Dr. Chancellor, and take good care of Charcoal, Smokey and Peach until we see you and them again. CM

July 23rd, 2005, 04:34 PM
I'm very sorry for your loss. Did your vet run a full blood panel?

Based on the symptoms I would "guess" that it could have been Addison's Disease.

Petwellness Dog Health Topics


Lack of energy, vomiting and weight loss in dogs may be symptoms of a number of common disorders; however, they can also be early signs of a relatively rare disorder called Canine Addison's Disease (hypoadrenocorticism). Because it is so easily confused with many other diseases and frequently remains undiagnosed until the dog collapses from weight loss, weakness or dehydration, Canine Addison's Disease is often referred to as "The Great Pretender." If left untreated, the disease can be critical, even fatal.

July 23rd, 2005, 06:55 PM
Erin: First many hugs to you and your family. I can understand what you're going through. As if it's not horrible enough to lose a beloved dog -- it seems even more horrible to not understand why or what happened or what could have been prevented, etc. We went through this in June with our puppy, Moose.

I was also very angry with all of the involved vets for a while... Moose had just had a vet visit less than 48 hours before he collapsed. How could they not have seen something was wrong? He spent two nights in intensive care.. They ran tons of tests and gave him various medications.. And it cost us an utter fortune (we'll be done paying it off sometime in December if we're lucky). It took a lot longer than a lot of people think for me to get over the anger and the "why's". But I think I finally have accepted that I did all I could do -- and the people here at were no small part of that!!! You've found a wellspring of love and support here.

You're an amazing person who obviously loved Spinner very much. May you find comfort in knowing that he was very loved in the years that he had -- and now he is somewhere beautiful, safe and comfortable, and free of pain.


Rest in Peace, Spinner.

July 25th, 2005, 05:33 PM
I am so sorry for your loss.

I lost an 18 month old newf to total kidney failure in January. Lacey's illness came on quickly and the vet diagnosed it as a cold. After a few days on antibiotics, Lacey was worse and went back to the vet. At that time, I told the vet I wanted blood tests and x-rays because she was obviously suffering from something more than an infection of some kind.

The vet did the blood test and found that Lacey's kidney's had failed. The vet concluded that the problem must have been a birth defect, as Lacey had most definitely not been poisoned.

I was totally consumed by guilt for a while. I did quite a bit of research on the net to find if there was anything I could've done for my sweet girl. I too felt anger toward my vet but because Lacey was so young, and had not been poisoned, she had no reason to believe that a blood screen was necessary. I have already had our son's newf (Parker) undergo a full blood screen. The vet didn't protest when I insisted upon the test, although she did tell me that she has never done a blood screen on a 6 month old pup. I explained that it was for my peace of mind.

Our breeder was almost as heartbroken as we were, and she gave us another puppy. Now we have our beautiful Hazel who is already 5 months old. I will also have her blood tested when she goes in to be spayed. I will have both the dogs tested once a year - again, just for my peace of mind.

I totally feel for you. I have to say that the pain of losing Lacey hasn't gone away, but time has blunted the edges a bit. It helps that I know she isn't in pain anymore and is happily romping in the grass with the other pets I've had that have crossed the rainbow bridge. :grouphug:

Dog Dancer
July 25th, 2005, 06:32 PM
I too am sorry for your loss, it's never easy to say the least. The unknown factor just makes it worse. I too lost my dog several years ago now for no apparent reason. She actually died at the vets office. As she was only 7 and the picture of health the vet couldn't figure out why she had died either. He had treated her her entire life and he did an autopsy at no cost as he wanted to know for his own benefit as well as mine. She had ruptured a heart vessel for no known reason and bled to death internally within just a few short hours. So I think if you ever do get another pet (and you will want to eventually) you need to find a better vet. Your care giver should have shown more concern all along. So sorry for you, let it go and know there's no more pain. :grouphug:

July 25th, 2005, 07:18 PM
Sorry for your loss I lost my cat 3 weeks ago & I know what yer going though. Its just not the same without my little CJ either I have nights where I keep waking up to see him on the bed.
:grouphug: :ca:
But he is is heaven now your puppy is now with my little guy in no pain. :)