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severe case of excema-dog

July 22nd, 2005, 06:18 AM
I have an 11 month old ex stray that I picked up in the middle east. this poor snoopy had a broken leg and it took 4 months to heal as the vets in this country in the middle east are atrociously bad.

Now it is very hot and dry here. Snoopy has developed a skin rash 7 days ago and I ran to a so-so vet (only so so here) in lebanon to get him treated. I dont trust him, but I dont have a choice.

Can somebody tell me if this is the correct medication for him?

1. Marbocyl 80 g, 1/2 tab once/day for 10 days
2. Chloraderma--2 TB once/day in the evening for 5 days, then every other day for 5 days.
3. Leberton-one big spoon once per day for one month
4. Predniderm--apply on infected areas 2 times/day for 2 weeks after betadyne solution

so the questions are:

1. Are his meds ok
2. Is it contagious to my other dog.
3. How did he get this, what causes it? Please dont tell me not to put him in the garden, he cries to be let out in the garden!
4. How long will it take to cure?
5. The tennis ball sized excema is scabbing on the edges and red. Is this a sign of healing?

I cant go to the vet as there are no good vets in this country. One sillly vet here told me to put him down, one prescribed human antihistamine, one said he will put him down for 3 hours and "scratch off the excema".

I dont have a culture on it, but hopefully it is not fungal! I changed his dog food to first choice instead of friskies (imported) but he is refusing to eat in this heat. (it is air conditioned but still hot).

Please help!

Luna snoopy

July 22nd, 2005, 12:02 PM
Please go read this thread

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