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New Member-Kitten with neurological/sight/hind end disorders from abuse

July 19th, 2005, 08:39 PM
I just joined tonight, this is not urgent but I am wondering if anyone has experience with this, or can help me out with advice/support, whatever.

I have a 10 month old male kitten. He was on death's door when I saved him from being out in the cold (-40 C), severe abuse, and malnourished. I am happy to say, after spending 3 weeks bottle feeding him, sitting up with him, sleepless nights, crying, vets calling every day to make sure he was okay, he is doing 1000% better than when I rescued him.

The issue I have is with his hind end. He can walk perfectly fine on carpeted floor, but as soon as he reaches bare flooring like in my kitchen, it's like his hind legs give out and he "skates" or slides across the floor. He has been x-rayed, operated on, etc, and nothing is broken. I am wondering, are there some sort of physiotherapy exercises (such as massages or stretches) or anything that I can do to help him regain strength in his hind legs so that he can walk properly on bare floors? Also, he is blind in one eye, and can barely see out of the other eye. Is there anything I can do, playing or otherwise with him to help him? He seems nervous and that could still be beacuse of the trauma he went through. He is very sweet and cuddly and LOVES when I hold him like a baby. I guess what I want to know is there anything that I can do to increase his strength, sight or anything else? I have him on Royal Canin Kitten food (dry) and I am trying to fatten him up...any suggestions or advice? Thanks!

July 19th, 2005, 09:07 PM
Hi MomofD&S,
Did your vet test the cat for FIP (feline infectious peritonitis). I've copied&pasted some information from a website I found. Apparently blindness & loss of balance are just a couple of the possible symptoms.

"With noneffusive (dry) FIP, the onset is usually slower, with minimal fluid accumulation, although fever, depression, anemia, and weight loss are almost always present. One of the reasons it is often difficult to diagnose FIP is that signs of kidney failure (increased water consumption and urination), liver failure (jaundice), pancreatic disease (vomiting, diarrhea, diabetes), neurologic disease (loss of balance, behavioral changes, paralysis, seizures), enteritis (vomiting, diarrhea), and eye disease (inflammation, blindness) may be seen in various combinations."

I hope your kitty is going to be alright!


Lucky Rescue
July 19th, 2005, 09:11 PM
I read your introduction! Welcome and thank you for taking in these babies!!:)

One of the beautiful things about animals is that they have no self-pity, and never sit around pining for what was. I know someone who has a cat like yours, and he gets around wonderfully by dragging himself with his front paws. He doesn't walk at all, but he is the most beautiful, playful, friendly and happy boy you've ever seen!!

There is a board dedicated to information and help for handicapped animals. You might like to see if they have suggestions as it's possible some form of physical therapy, or even acupuncture, may help your kitty!

Here is the URL:

July 19th, 2005, 10:33 PM
Welcome!! I agree with Lucky - that site has excellent info and you may find help there. And even if you find that he still has difficulties navigating, you can always have made or buy some "wheels" for him so he can get around more easily.

But pets do not mourn for what once was - a suregeon I work with recently noted how he lived working with children. They rarely complain as much as adults. Perhaps that is part of their innocence but they also see what's great in life rather than what's wrong with it too. I think the same is true of animals with disabilities - they rejoice for what they HAVE!!

And thank you for taking care of this little one!!

July 20th, 2005, 07:22 AM
Thank you for all your advice and messages! I have had him tested for FIP and it was negative, he is very healthy (from what the vet said). I will check out the site that Lucky recommended, thank you for that! Right now, he's hopping around on the carpeted floor like pepe le pew! This is a big moment for him, since he hardly used to play when I first got him.

So thanks again! :grouphug: