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CAT found near Ottawa, Ontario

July 19th, 2005, 03:29 PM
There has been a cat hanging around my parents' place in Munster Hamlet, which is about a 30 minute drive from downtown Ottawa in the former Goulbourn Township (before all the outlying rural areas amalgamated and became part of the City of Ottawa).
This cat is an orange & white DMH male, although he may be a DLH who has lost some of his fur due to malnutrition or the hot weather as the fur around his face is alot fluffier than the fur on his body. We're pretty sure he's not neutered and he has no collar and he has not been declawed. He looks young, but I geuss he really could be any age. He's skinny (you can feel his tail bone and hipbones sticking out) but he is otherwise healthy-looking.
He is VERY friendly and has a 'scratchy-throat "brrrp" style' meow.....he totally craves attention and sometimes even starts drooling when you pet he's definitely not the fearful feral type.
He has been hanging around my parents' place which backs out onto a field/forest for the past few weeks and has even spent full nights sitting on the front doorstep (even in the rain!). He may just like the food my parents are feeding him, or he could be missing his own home (if he has one). If he does have a home, he can't possibly spend much time there!
I have had a a favorite cat go missing before and never be found, that's why I'm contacting you. Anyone who contacts your organization, who's missing a cat who matchs this cat's description can feel free to contact me or my parents. They can even come and see him, if they're pretty sure he could be belong to them. We just want to be 100% sure that he doesn't have an owner before we give him to a shelter and we're willing to feed him and watch out for him until then. This is partly because we've just put signs up in local businesses and he could just belong to a home from the area.
I (Maggie) can be contacted at 613-560-5894 (home) and 613-949-3925 (work) and I will always return the call. I live in downtown Ottawa.
My parents can be contacted at 613-838-3055. Someone is always home but they don't always answer the phone (due to telemarketers). Just ask for Lois, Jess or Bob.
I have attached a photo of the cat.
Thanks for your help, I really do hope that this little guy finds his family again!

Maggie Barron

July 19th, 2005, 04:06 PM
You are doing a great job! :thumbs up :angel:

A friend of mine lost her indoor male cat Fluffy about a month ago, still looking for him... :(

July 19th, 2005, 04:32 PM
Oh I'd have a hard time giving up that cute face; and look at those paws!! I hope you get lucky and find his family. If not, maybe you could get him neutered and find a decent home, if your family doesn't want him. I know all shelters are different but they might not be so scrupulous about what happens to him.

A bony cat sitting on your front doorstep in the rain usually means 'please can I come in?'

Lucky Rescue
July 19th, 2005, 08:13 PM
You should not post pics of "Found" animals. Anyone can now claim him, since they know what he looks like, and take him immediately to an experimental lab and sell him.