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Statement from ADMIN - Other boards

July 19th, 2005, 08:27 AM
Dear members,

One of our least favorite things to do is to air dirty laundry, and we will not do that here. However given that there have been accusations made against us we will respond just to clear the air.

Other members are free to join other boards. The Internet is a large and mostly friendly place. The bulletin board does not restrict its members in any way from joining other boards. Many members have come from and will use other boards and this is fine.

Recently 2 members that have been very good posters have started a new bulletin board. That is fine. What is not fine is that they have been using OUR board to either PM our members directly, or asking them for their email address to bring them to their board. This clearly violates our rule on self-promotion which, all members agreed to when they signed up. There is also mention of this rule at the bottom of every single page in bulletin board. When this rule is broken as has happened MANY times when people try to spam us, members are reprimanded.

It's just not right and not ethical to try and advertise your site for free on a "competitor's" site. also started off at one time with zero members, but you can be sure that we did not build our board on the backs of other forums. You can be sure that we did not pm or email the members of other forums to recruit our members. We did it through EXTREMELY hard work, and dedication to providing great information to people and their pets. For this we thank all our members.

Last night (We know this because members have emailed us) these same 2 members (under new usernames) started bashing the ADMIN because of the decision to severely reprimand the 2 users AFTER they had been warned not to use OUR board to advertise their board for free. They also made mention of a website that we use for support, our usernames, and posted that we have the ability to download software to read private messages. Again in our opinion this was 100% unethical and absolutely unprofessional for a new site trying to get off the ground.

Now that the seed has been planted, we'd like to diffuse it. Every single bulletin board (including the board that these 2 started) on the Internet has the ability to hack into the bulletin board's database and see what's been written. There is no such thing as absolute privacy on the Internet. Period. Everything you type in any email or on ANY website leaves a trace. However, just because a website can do something does not mean that your personal security is at risk. We don't do this on our board. We don't have the time. With 9000+ members, our time on the bulletin board is dedicated to providing information, and making sure it is free of rudeness and SPAM. That said, if you feel unsafe it's best that you don't use the PM system for sensitive information.

We hope that the members on this site stay while respecting the rules. We have built a fantastic community on and we are extremely proud of how many people and their pets that we have helped. We are extremely proud to have educated so many members on important issues that they knew little or nothing about before they came to our board. Once again our only goal is to provide great information to people and their pets.

As always feel free to PM me or email me at with any concerns that you may have.

Thanks from the ADMIN,