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cysts, scabs and canine AIDS?

July 19th, 2005, 01:26 AM
My dog tends to get small irritations on her skin -- some look like pimples and others looks like warts. One around her eye got pretty swollen and she scratched at it and dark blood came out. The vet said it was caused by an infection and that it would resolve itself, and if it got too swollen to use a sterilized needle to gently break the skin and drain the blood. I did that a few times and it eventually went away.

Shortly afterwards, my dog started to scratch a lot at a wart-like thing on her head. She scratched so hard that she ripped the skin around it and I had to get one of those cone collars so that the area could heal. Around the same time, she developed small clusters of scabs on a few areas of her body.

Can anyone shed light on what this might be? I am worried about having caused her an infection with the needle. Is there such a things a canine AIDS/HIV and does this sound like it (she doesn't seem to have any other symptoms). And can this be spread to humans? I've been in contact with her blood cleaning up the scabs and such. Thank you.