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Meet Draco

doggy lover
July 18th, 2005, 11:50 AM
This is our 3 year old Bearded Dragon.

July 22nd, 2005, 01:54 PM
Beautiful!!! We are "dragon-sitting" right now for one of my students for the summer! Pudge & Ginger are pretty cute, and I love having them here! We almost bought a dragon last fall, but chose to get a veiled chameleon instead. Chip is his name!!

doggy lover
July 22nd, 2005, 02:59 PM
My daughter wanted to get a chameleon too but I heard they are harder to care for and that they had to have an upright tank? We were thinking about it because I have an empty 30 gallon tank, I might get some fish instead. What type of lights does your lizard have, if you can send me a pic of your tank. Thanks

July 24th, 2005, 03:48 PM
Chip is in a 30 gallon tank, with lots of sticks and vines to climb on. We'd like to eventually get one of those mesh uprights but they are pricey, so in time we will!! He has a heat lamp and a UV light - thats it! We had a waterfall in there for him but it was crappy, so we bought him this water dish that bubbles & he loves it! I will take a picture of it tomorrow - hubby has the camera right now, then I will post it!!! We also have a large tree type plant that we put him on in the livingroom & he likes that a lot too! He isn't any more or less difficult to care for really - his lights are cheaper than the 3 a dragon needs, but he still eats crickets & worms, and needs it warm. He's pretty easy to care for actually! I will post that pic tomorrow!!!

July 24th, 2005, 07:55 PM
Ok, here it is! Apparently it's not good to have them in glass tanks either, but we have plants on either side of him so I don't think the reflection bothers him much. He's growing and healthy, that's what is important!!

doggy lover
July 25th, 2005, 06:52 PM
Thats what I was thinking, yours looks healthy and you have had him for a while so why do they have to have special tanks. Sometimes I think the petstore just tell you that stuff so that you spend more money there. I'll have to get a book on them and read up, maybe I'll still let my daughter get one. Thanks for sending the pic. Draco is in a 90 gal tank. I was trying to see if I could get another lizard to put in with him, but was told as he is a male that they are territorial so not to do it, to put a female in during mating is ok but not all the time. Thats why we were thinking of something different for the other tank, I wanted a tortise but they cost about $500.

July 25th, 2005, 09:25 PM
I think the tank thing is just so their reflection doesn't aggravate themselves, and a mesh tank gives them upright room to climb. But really, if they have vines and leaves and such, they have plenty of climbing room! The dragons we are watching are a male and female. They bought the female last year, but had Pudge for about 3 years prior. He is definately territorial, but they seem to get along ok. She (Ginger) is very quiet and will hang out in the corner for days....only come out to eat, then go back. It's odd, but they say she does it all the time! They are in a 90 gallon tank too!! The mother was going to get a Euromastis (sp?) to go in with the dragon - they are recommended as compatible, but she couldn't find one, so she bought Ginger instead. You could try one of those.....I don't know a lot about them though! Good luck!! I really like Chip - he is very fun to watch! His feet & tail are crazy, it makes me laugh every time I see him hanging on a vine! He was really green as a baby, then turned more brownish as he got older. He is about a year old now! Here is a pic of him when we got him at about 2 months old.

doggy lover
July 26th, 2005, 02:23 PM
Here is Draco's tank, thanks for sending the pics and the info.

July 27th, 2005, 05:12 PM
Any reptile can only grow as big as their environment will allow within the limits for their breed. For instance, if you kept a green iguana in a 50 gallon tank, it wouldn't grow any larger than what is comfortable for their tank. The upright cages are to allow them to get as high up as they want which also depends on what kind of reptile they are. If you aren't keeping your reptile in it's tank all the time, then it's probably not a concern. For lighting, you might try the full spectrum lights and I've found that a couple of well placed heat rocks do lots more for them than a heat lamp. Since reptiles have to get their body heat up to digest their food, putting heat right on the body helps this happen faster.

I don't know about all reptiles, but I do know that I bought a male iguana to go in with the male iguana that we already had. After about a year, my hubby kept saying that the young one looked pregnant. As I had personally checked to make sure it was male when I bought it, I just laughed. A couple of weeks later, I came home from work to find eggs - lots of eggs. My SIL is friends with a herpatologist and he said that if you put two iguanas of the same sex together, eventually one will change sexes so that they can mate. I've had my iguanas for 15 years and they've laid eggs twice. The last time, the male ate all the eggs. :eek: