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Burning a CD

July 18th, 2005, 07:41 AM
Does anyone on this board burn CDs? We have a CD burner, and I'd like to be able to burn my own music. How do I go about doing this? Please PM your favourite download site....

July 18th, 2005, 06:21 PM
I burn music...but not so much lately. All those DL sites are constantly changing. I use Kazaa (which is legal so no worries about posting it publically). You can get a Kazaa lite version, which has both free and pay music.

The key with burning is deciding what format you want the music in. A typical CD you buy in the store has 10 to 15 songs on average, and those are high quality WAV files if you "RIP" them to your computer. If you burn a CD with WAV files, you can play them in any CD player, but you can only put about 1/5 of the number of songs on it, because they are about 5 times bigger then MP3's. A WAV files is about 20-25 MB

Then you have MP3's. MP3's are compressed versions of the WAV files. They are usually 4 to 5 MB. These files are only read by newer CD players that say MP3 playable on them (only in the last few years). THe great part about this is you can fit WAY more songs on one CD, but not have as much choice as to where you can play them.

Do you have a program for burning your CD's? I recommend either Nero (has a free version) and Itunes (always free). With Nero, usually the free version will come with your burner. You can RIP your files to WAV format only, except for 10 free MP3 RIPS. If you go that way, you need a program called BLADENC (I can send to you if you want) to convert your WAV files to MP3's. I personally like ITUNES WAY BETTER because you just put your CD in, it will recognise it, you click a button at the top right, and it will rip the entire CD onto your hard drive in MP3 format, and put it directly in your ITUNES play list.

As for burning, Nero is pretty easy. You just open the type of CD you want to burn, and drag and drop the songs as if you were putting them on any disk, then hit burn. I admit I haven't used ITUNES to burn least not on Windows. I have used in on MAC though, and it's basically the same. I'm just checking it out now... Ok...same for PC. In Itunes, you create a "playlist", then drag and drop your songs. Both programs have a thing that will tell you when you are over the amount of songs for your disc space. With Nero you can burn more than music, but with ITUNES it's music only (which makes it easy since you can't screw it up). Once your playlist is done, just click burn and there you go.

Here is a link to Itunes ( . What's great with Itunes is if you can't find your music free, you can search there and download songs for only 0.99 cents, or whole albums cheaper then the stores. Plus you can hear about 30 seconds of each song.

Right now I am on a quest to download/obtain ALL songs ever done about superman.

July 18th, 2005, 07:43 PM
Thanks so much for your help!

July 18th, 2005, 07:55 PM
I burn both CD's and DVD's and there is a program that I can do both with an HP product that comes with this computer but there are a variety of software that will do this. Even MusicMatch Jukebox will let you record. As Raingirl says you can either choose to create a data CD - which is where you might put MP3 files (usually yuou dl files in that format) - or a music CD which creates WAV files and which only allows about 20-24 files per CD. The WAV files of course can be played in a regular CD player while the MP3's are smaller and can be played on an ipod, Pocket PC or other muic player. I also burn CD's to backup data.

Have fun!!