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Welcome to the pure inspiration forum - "Happy Tails"

July 18th, 2005, 12:31 AM
Welcome to the pure inspiration forum.
This forum should contain happy stories or stories with a great moral.

It should be a place we can come to when we are feeling down, read a few stories and feel better about humanity.

It should make us feel better about the way pets are treated.

Please follow the example from the first post whereby you would copy and paste your favourite part of another post so that the first post in this forum is always the "story" and others can comment on it afterward. If it did not come from another thread, of course just post it directly in this forum.

If you see a story from another thread that you feel belongs here, please feel free to copy and paste it like the first example. Please mention the original poster and copy and paste the original thread URL as per the example.