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muzzles add to aggression

July 17th, 2005, 07:11 PM
There has been many posts regarding how dangerous muzzles are to wear but I hadn't seen any about causing dogs to become aggressive. The problem with the muzzle is that if someone approaches a dog that is wearing a muzzle their first reaction is fear. They automatically think that the dog bites. Since dogs can smell fear as well as read body language they can't understand why these people are afraid of them. This may be the friendliest dog you had ever seen. Over prolonged time they may start to react on it.

I also would like to tell you a story
There was a gentleman that went to a pet store to purchase a muzzle. He bought one because a by-law officer ordered him to get one because his dog was barking. Nobody told him that it couldn't be worn for an extended period of time. He placed the muzzle on the dog and went to work. He returned the muzzle to the pet store the next week. He no longer needed it as the dog had passed away.
This is the most awful thing that could have happened and a reminder to those of you who will have to use them. Please invest in a muzzle that does not keep their mouth closed. There are some muzzles out there that say on the pkg breathable but they can't breathe properly. If your dog panicks this will be elevated. Take lots of water with you they will need it. I sure hope the Gov't knows the problems that they will cause with this new law.