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Anal Gland Problems with my Cat, Please help, I am very scared for PG

July 15th, 2005, 02:56 PM
I noticed my cat was dragging his bum and brought him to my vet's, she was on holidays and so the "fill-in" told me that it was probably his anal glands, she proceeded to "clean them out" which PG did not enjoy, I noticed him dragging th next day, so I thought.. maybe this has become a habit, I made another appointment a month later to see if they had built up agian, she removed a bit and said that they would give him some sort of needle antibiotic for swelling in his back thigh area, well he started dragging again, so I took him back and insisted on waiting for my vet to come back from her holidays, when she did, she checked him out, and was digging around inside him for a long time, he was meowing and bitting everyone, normally when they clean out his anal glands its quick, when she finally pulled out her finger, there was blood, and all I could think of ... "was this never happened any other time, she must have hurt him???" but... she suggested we bring him in the week after with a stool sample, and put him under a local anth, so he would not know what was going on, she said they would go in and check it out and inject the anal glands with an antibiotic.... I picked him up last night... he was attacking everyone in the clinic. I have never seen him like this before he would not even come near me... he had blood on is anus and had 2 stool accidents that night, the vet is going to call me tonight to tell me about the stool sample, but her assistant says "It may not be the anal glands, there was blood in the rectum" and I was about ready to cry as I am so confused, the first time I ever saw blood was when the vet probed him the 3rd time, I was told if he needs surgery on his glands it was 1200 dollars and now hes on some antibiotics, he normally is on a special diet because he has had loose stools since he was a kitten,.. I am so scared and confused and lost, I want him to be better, thing is he seems to be in no pain, I just thought the bum rubbing was weird... does it realy bother him...? should I subject him to more vet visits? I dont know what to do .. all I know is I am getting so sick from worrying about him... I need Help .. Please.. any one with similar experiences .. please share .. Thanks

July 15th, 2005, 03:05 PM
I have not had any personal experiences like that and I hate to use my human medicl knowledge to respond since it may be way off base!! It does sound serious tho and I would have the vet you trust look at him again and trun the various tests? Is she supposed to let you know what she thinks it is? Could you not work from there?

July 15th, 2005, 03:34 PM
i'm sorry your kitty is having trouble! does PG do the bum-drag all the time? or just after using the litterbox?

my cats both scoot across the floor sometimes - after #2 - and it's just because the little furballs think my carpet is their personal toilet paper.

I hope your kitty gets well soon.

July 15th, 2005, 03:36 PM
LovesPg,I am so sorry you and Pg are going through this,maybe a second opinion,another vet would be the way to go.
The bleeding was probably from the vet poking around and Pg was more than likely fed up and angry,hence the aggression.
I've never heard of anal-gland problems in a cat,so I am sorry I cannot help,but before you go ahead with $1200 surgery,I would get another opinion..Good Luck to you and PG :love:
One of my cats(Vinnie)drags his bum on my area carpet sometimes,usually after he has loose stools and has some remnants in his fur.

July 16th, 2005, 11:41 AM
My Sabrina had a similar problem awhile ago. Her anal gland got infected and then burst (didn't know it was infected). One night she was dragging her bum on the ground and then suddenly this horrible horrible smelling. I thought she pooped on the floor and realized there was blood mix with the liquidy poop. That scared the hell out of me. I took her to the vet right away and the vet said he needed to clean out the gland. It costed me about HK$900. I don't know about your vet, but it's a good idea to find another vet and take a look at it.