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Hello! New Here

July 13th, 2005, 02:26 PM

I'm new to this site and found after doing some online searches for answers to questions.

I have no pets right now, but had bullmastiff's while growing up and cats as well.

I am considering getting an Affenpinscher, I know it is a low shedding breed but wonder if it is a lower dander dog. Being such a rare breed it has been hard to find information about their dander.

I have been tested and am not allergic to cats or dogs but have a pretty bad allergy to dust mites. I live with someone who is allergic to cats but hasn't had any bad experiences with dogs (they also refuse to be tested for dogs allergies!)

Anyhow, just wondering if any Affen owners out there can attest to their experience with Affen dander.


July 13th, 2005, 08:04 PM
:) Welcome to the board!! :)

Sorry, I can't help you out with your question about Affen dander! I just thought I'd say Welcome! Good luck on your search!

July 13th, 2005, 08:21 PM

Sorry, I can't help you with your Affen dander question, but I would suggest that the perosn you live with, comes with you when you look at a dog, to know for sure if they are allergic :)

Check out this site.

and then this one.

July 14th, 2005, 01:55 PM
Hello, and Welcome to the board!!

I unfortunately don't have any advice to give on that particular breed, other than you may want to post the question under "Breed Discussion and Information". Normally we ask that you post a question in one forum, but in this case, unfortunatly, not everyone reads all the forums and some people who might have some good advice might not see this (they aren't unfriendly, just busy, and may not have time to go in every forum :) ). I didn't want to move this thread to there as this is the perfect place to say Welcome to the family!

July 14th, 2005, 05:45 PM
No advice here either -- but still thought I'd take a moment to say hello and welcome to the board!! Hope you decide to stick around and good luck on your hunt for a dog! :)

July 21st, 2005, 04:57 PM
Welcome to the Board. I don't have any knowledge of Affen dander, but I know that I have major allergies, and asthma. I take prescription allergy medication but I find that if I haven't taken my pill I will sneeze if Hazel lays on me for any length of time or if she lays on the bed with me. I find that she has to have part of her body close to my nose for a while before it will effect me.