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cousin's kitten needs fattening up

July 12th, 2005, 08:31 PM
My cousin's kitty is tiny. He's three months and weighs very little. My cousin just took him to the vet and there, he was given some shots and deworming medicine. He barely eats and my cousin is getting concerned. What are some things she can mix with his food to help fatten him up? Maybe something a little more appealing to his stomach? I'm not sure what food she is feeding him, but she says she's tried a few different things but either he refuses to eat or eats barely anything. I was thinking rice because that's what I used on my puppy to help her gain weight. Help please.

July 12th, 2005, 08:40 PM
Try canned kitten food, try putting it on your finger so the cat will lick it off.
I have also mixed canned food, with warm cream. (It's just a baby so warming it's food, I find really helps).

Kittens tend to like canned food better, and it's much easier for them to eat.

If that doesn't work, try people food! (cooked chicken breast, or beef or turkey) put it through the food processor, or blender, so it doesn't choke on any large pieces. Cat's seem to love people food! :)

July 12th, 2005, 08:43 PM
Most kittens will eat chicken and rice. There is a chicken and rice from Wellness that is good - I almost said tasty but I have no personal knowledge of that. YY and the sphynx love it. Also, if you live near a health food store, most sell chicken and rice and I alas cannot recall the maker but like Wellness, it is human grade - unless most cat food. (I refuse to feed m kitties the pet quality goof available at gocery stores and WalMart, ughhhh!!) or nnnnerrrrrp, as YY might meow!

YY seems to nkow the difference. Even tho I had a case of catfood in the storage area, my mom could not find it and bought Feiskies something or other. It was a no go!! She just looked up at my mom and meowed, lol

Anyway, YY's dietary habits do not help your cousin's cat! Has she tried feeding her by hand till she is better able to eat normally?

lil' iggy pop
July 13th, 2005, 10:00 AM
We got kitten milk for our Iggy, he was really tiny and had trouble with the kibble. He looved it and still gets some as a treat.

It's thick so if your cousin's kitten will eat it, should fill him up.

July 13th, 2005, 10:11 AM
1. I asked a slightly similar question about my kittens, as I was told they were under weight (see here: . . my kitten's mother was very small, and malnourished when she got pregnant and had the kittens.

This, we believe, may be part of the reason they are so small. (which is in one way actually kinda nice! ;) )

Do you know the parentage of the kitten? Perhaps he is destined to be small!

2. Another thing to think about is the size of the kibbles - I've heard of lots of small breed dogs that weren't eating - only because they couldn't because the kibbles were too big for them!

3. Does your cousin know the likes and dislikes of the kitten? My two LOVE LOVE LOVE fish/salmon! They gobble up fish/salmon meals without coming up for air - now they will eat beef and chicken, they just don't love it the same!

4. What about allergies - perhaps the little kitten knows he feels unwell if he eats a certain thing. . . .

Dunno, thats all the ideas I have - I'm tapped out. Please keep us updated on the little mite!

July 13th, 2005, 10:16 AM
Although I have never tried this myself, what about mixing a lactose-intolerant older infant(more nutrient) baby formula like Prosobee for example with the canned food.

Kind of like Ensure for humans.

or would more nutrients come simply from more food?

I guess I'm curious also... :)

July 13th, 2005, 04:31 PM
Thank you for all your help. I passed everyone's idea on to my cousin. Unfortunately, she doesn't know the parentage of the cats. While he is small and could possibly remain that way because of genetics, he's just too skinny. So hopefully, some of this ideas will work. :fingerscr