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pitbull/boxer mix...seizures, cancer??? :(

July 10th, 2005, 11:47 PM
i ran across this site while attempting to do much research on my dogs illness'...
it seems to be a great community so i want to post about our individual problem...

i have a pitbull/boxer mix, she is 4 years old and i recently recieved a double whammy of 'bad news' from my last vet visit.

1. my vet says my dog is having "mini-seizures" ???
2. they suspect that cancer is growing inside the constant scabs on the corners of her nose... :confused:

anyways the reason for the visit originally is because my dog was fighting thru a bad case of kennel cough and had just thrown up a bunch of clear liquid out of the blue...
after she did that, she began to lick constantly and then her mouth/jaw began to chatter/shake very subtle-ly...
(picure a humans teeth chattering) and that is what it looked like,
shes did this before but i didnt think it was serious because she would be fine thereafter---
anyways, there was no dangerous shaking of any body parts, or no abnormal behavior, no collapsing...just that her nose/mouth would chatter for like 3-5 seconds at a time...
she kept doing it at random so i decided to video tape it so i could show my vet...
well after the vet viewed it, she told me that she thinks they are little seizures...?
anyone have any knowledge towards this or past experience from a similar encounter?

also about the cancer bombshell...
my dogs nose gets really hard and scabby around each edge at times...some very small pieces flake off and then they grow back and our normal but this always re-occurs...
at its worst, she has a green-like mucus slowly seeping up in her nostrils if u look into it...
it basically looks like snot and it hardens up and creates big scabs on her nose...
mostly tho there is always some sort of scab like thing on the sides of her nose.
my vet told me its very probable that cancer could be growing in there and we are going to do lab tests in the near future to find out for sure.
she said she would have to take off a piece of her nose tho and send it to the lab...
and then possibly do a surgery that would re-shape it alltogether? :sad:

im gonna try to upload pictures of her nose so you can have a better visual of what it looks like at its worst...

some random side notes...
i feed her lotus lamb flavored food, dont know if anyone has any good/bad comments about that food brand-
also, 7 months ago she endured a flight across country so i dont know if that would have any negative long lasting effect on her in these specific cases...
she handled the flight well tho from what i could tell-
(i moved from ohio to california a year ago, and my mom flew my dog out to me for Christmas)

any comments are welcome,
all i want is the best for my dog, she is the most beautiful... :fingerscr

July 11th, 2005, 07:12 PM
no comments??? :(

July 11th, 2005, 09:10 PM
I just saw your post now...

Can you tell us what type of tests the vet has ran on your dog already and what was pos/neg results? This may help rule some things out and lead towards a hunch.

No fun to watch your dog being sick.

You should start to provide additional nourishment to your dog with some fresh foods and supplements. This will increase your dogs immune system and help fight whatever it is thats going on.

Also has your vet ever seen these, seizures? If not video tape it when it happens and show the vet. Sometimes conditions of the CNS (central nervous system) can appear to be seizures but it's really like the dog is in shock, the body is fighting something off. Again, thats a maybe.

I would feed your dog fresh foods like fish, beef and chicken.
Fish being salmon, sardines....canned is okay
Beef and Chicken boil and remove the skin and fatty deposits
I steam veggies for my dog as well and give her grains: potato, carrot, turnip things like that with rice.

You can make a big pot of it and feed her atleast one meal of this a day...if you can do more it will probably give her a better chance at fighting this off.

You can also give her eggs but limit those to one a week (stinky gassy LOL) and yogurt to improve healthy bacteria in the digestive system.

I'm throwing a lot of info at you but have you ever seen or considered a holistic vet?

In addition, check out the thread that talks about other conditions..there is a lot to learn and so much coming to light about medications, vaccines and treatments.

Do you have a picture of your dog and what is her name?

July 12th, 2005, 08:48 AM
and please, don't ever feel bad about seeking out a second opinion from another vet, no matter how much faith you have in your own. "been there, done that and was never sorry."

July 12th, 2005, 04:35 PM
Do the dogs eyes look bloodshot at all?? I ask because one of our GSD's had canine lupus and his nose was always scabby. One of the symptoms is that the body basically eats its own soft tissues - eyes, nose, etc. Sonny's nose was always scabby and sometimes looked partially raw. His eyes looked bloodshot because of the disease as well. I don't know about the chattering, Sonny never had any kind of seizures with the lupus but lupus effects everyone differently, so I imagine that canine lupus is no different. If it is lupus, it's treatable. Good luck to you and your furbaby!