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new here, with problem...need home for lapdog

July 10th, 2005, 08:33 PM
This is a very difficult decision for me.
I have a Lhasa Apso dog, he is black, his name is Mugsy.
Mugsy is a typical lhasa apso, non shedding, and friendly with a heartmelting compassionate personality.
he likes to play friendly, and sit next to your feet all day if you'd so be inclined, by your side if he could get away with it.
he loves to snuggle into fluffy floor pillows, and fuzzy cozy blankees.
he's overweight, because as a puppy, we were building a deck, and he fell over the side, twisting ligaments in his front legs, leaving one quite sideways. he gets around just fine, but on a short walk, he'll stop to lay down and rest a few times...
he is quite content to just sit outside with us if we'd just hang around the yard all day.
he's thrilled in the winter when we all sit around the house on cold days, and he can just lay in the room with us.
he's honestly a low maintenance, no trouble companion.
however, I work part time, and have three active kids. When the warm weather starts to roll around, poor Mugsy is the first one to be left out.
It seems no one has time for him, and a lhasa apso true to the description, Mugsy doesn't like being left alone, and unfortunately i notice this summer, being left alone a lot he is.
these dogs ARE NOT loners, and NEED to be around people. Mugsy does not care if the people around him are just sitting in the room having tea, as long as they are around him.
He is neutered, shots up to date,a nd vet certified for visiting residents in Long Term Care as Pet Therapy for the residents there.
And he absolutely loves the attention.
he doesn't much like little children, because they are too grabby and unpredictable, but Mugsy does love teenagers, and kids basically over 7/8 years old, and absolutely LOVES and adores any adult who will show him attention.
I am just west of edmonton, and am making a heartbreaking decision to find our little friend a good home.
I will ask that the new owners pay a fee for Mugsy as he is VERY well trained, and a VERY good dog, and I do not want him to be treated as 'worthless dog'.
That he is not.
If I could force my family to be at home more, and spend more time at home with him I would, but I cannot ask my family to stop being active and on the run for our family dog.
The children, want to get a big dog, such as a lab or retriever or spaniel, one that can keep up with them, and spend a little more time alone without showing that heartbreaking face when you walk away...
My children are visiting grandparents, until july 17th, and I do not want to wait past then to place Mugsy in a new home if possible.
The children would be devastated to know I found mugsy a new home and I think their hearts would not take it well either, however, this is in nothing less than fairness to the dog. I can ease the children's hearts with a sad story of Mugsy 'passing on', to which of sorts, he kind of will be, just not in the end of life way...
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July 10th, 2005, 11:26 PM
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