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Dog having problems pooping

July 9th, 2005, 04:46 AM
My 3 year old Austrailian Shepard has been treated for an upper respritory infection with Clavimox by her doctor. She was not eating but is eating and drinking fine now. She started to get diareah the other morning but now she is constipated and her stomach is a little bloated. I took her back to the doctor he exaimined her and check her rectum for blockage and did not see any. She had x-rays the beginning of the week that showed no blockage, and thats when he diagnosed upper respritory infection. He said to watch her over the weekend and if she is not spunkier by Monday bring her back in. She is still taking Clavimox and he said that could be a little of it. My only fear is she urinates but when she tries to poop hardly anything comes out and it is usually a little mush maybe the size of a fifty cent piece that is brown and tar like looking and she can hardly gets that out. She does not seem to be in pain - even when he examined her. Her tummy seems to be more full today and I am just worried about her. She is eat chicken breast cooked in a crock pot small amounts at a time, drinking water and pedialite.I read some articles on bloating - that scared me. He never mentioned anything about that and she does not vomit, but does have a full tummy and trouble going poop? Any suggestions or has anyone had this problem. I am worried about waiting until Monday if she can not go more than she has. I just want to help her relieve herself if I can.

July 9th, 2005, 05:40 AM
You could try some plain cooked pumpkin (not the kind in the can; I buy squash for babies if I can't find pumpkin). Or a small amount of unflavoured Metamucil from the drugstore (only problem is they sell it in such huge containers) - both are quite safe. Clamavox is definitely a factor. You could also add some cooked white rice to her food for bulk. I have a cat who occasionally gets constipated and know how it feels to be always watching for the 'totos'!

July 9th, 2005, 06:53 AM
She got up this moring and did the same type of bowel movement. But about an hour ago she did try to vomit and all that came up was some mucas. She did not want to eat or drink. It has only been 45 minutes since she tried to vomit. I will try the pumpkin later today when she feels like eating. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. :)

July 9th, 2005, 07:38 AM
When is she finished her meds? Has the vet checked for worms (requires a fecal sample)?

July 9th, 2005, 07:55 AM
Have you taken her temperature? Are her gums a normal color or are they greyish or bright pink? Is her stomach hard to the touch and when you run your fingers down further is it hard as well? The fact that she has started vomiting would concern me as with blockages if they can't go out one way they may try to come up the other way. However, the vomiting of mucous could just be from the meds breaking up the URI. Rule of thumb: If it's worrying you, off to the vet with her.

July 9th, 2005, 11:22 AM
I wish I could help you, but pretty much anything I could think of was said. I can just add on to BMD's question about the color of the gums. Be sure your little girl doesn't get dehydrated. If the gums off color, such as greyish, white, or very pale bring her to the vet as they may have to inject her with fluids. Same goes for the skin pinch test. If you pull on the skin and it doesn't snap right back into place (but instead slowly forms backs onto your girl) she is dehydrated and may need fluids injected as well. I had to rush Maximus to the ER when he was approx. 6 months old at 4AM one morning... I felt horrible for him... he looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame!! He didn't even feel it though and it probably saved his life!

At least you know the likely cause of this, so once the medicine is done hopefully she will go back to normal. Always make sure she has water (which it sounds like you do already) and when she does eat, try exercising her 30 to 60 minutes afterward. It will encourage defecation.

Good luck and let us know how she is doing! :fingerscr

July 9th, 2005, 07:18 PM
Thank you all so very very much for the information. We got her pure pumpkin this morning and she did not care for it much but did eat a little bit of it. She has urinated every time she has gone out and bowel movements do not seem as tuff for her to do and they seem to be getting a little bit runny. I am sure that is making it easier on her. The vet did check her previously for worms, heartworms and ect... she was ok there. She will finish her Clavimox on Monday and she has a followup with the vet that day. Do you think after cmpleting her meds she may get back to a regular bowel movement? Her gums have good color and she will drink water and pedialite in small increments. I have given her small amounts of chicken breast some rice with it and torn it all into small pieces and she seems to love it. Her tummy is still a bit puffy but not hard. Her skin seems to be felxing properly also. She seems to be feeling a bit better and she has not had any more vomiting attemps today. Her breathing is great and I hope she is on the up swing. I will take all your info and monitor her constantley until she is better. Thanks so very much, (Diva) is her name and she has a brother cat (Dash) that loves her - He thinks she his mom!
All our animals have always been pound or found dogs and cats. These 2 are so wonderful and we just want to give the the best and always make sure they are happy and healthy. I appreciate deeply all the info and knowing there are other animal lovers that care as much as we do for all animals warms our hearts. Thanks Again - We will keep you posted
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