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Dogs Get Their Own Holiday Event

July 6th, 2005, 11:20 AM
Pups Play Without Fireworks Noise
DES MOINES, Iowa -- A local business decided to host the special party for dogs only, to keep them sheltered from all the hazards of the Independence Day holiday.


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For humans, fireworks and picnics are a natural part of the July Fourth. But for some dogs it can be too much to take.

"With a bad experience, it can build up an anxiety level in the dog, and if it rises, it can get harder for them to control [them] around the noises and it's similar to a phobia," said Scott Jetter, owner of Canine Craze. "Once those phobias are set in, it's hard to take them back out."

The dog day-care center hosted a puppy party on July 4, and it did not include fireworks.

But that does not mean there was a lack of excitement. Trainers were on hand to keep the canines occupied on Independence Day.

Jetter said they play games that keep the dogs' minds busy such as spins, sits and drops.

The owners of Canine Craze said it is just as important for dogs to learn how to interact with each other as is for them to interact with humans.

They said the best-behaved dogs are well socialized with other dogs.

Canine Craze said owners don't have to feel bad about enjoying holiday festivities without their dogs because they're having just as much fun with other pups.

"There's just a lot of things out there that people are having fun with but not necessarily are set up for our dogs," said Joey Iverson, owner of Canine Craze.

Last year, the animal rescue league took in 50 dogs over the July Fourth weekend.
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