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Shut down once and up and running again

July 5th, 2005, 11:25 AM
I was looking through a classified site that I often check out for pets and was very unhappy to find out that the lady who ran a "puppy mill" kennel is back up and running.
About 4 years ago my hubby and I happened upon her "kennel" when we went to look at a car she was selling. There were more than 100 dogs in tiny pens and cages with numerous puppies there.
I was really upset at the condition of the dogs and she told me that as long as she was giving them food and water and a place to live there was nothing anyone could do about it.
When I asked her where her puppies went, to approved homes or if people came to her place to pick their puppy she laughed and told me that she wouldn`t allow anyone to her place to get a puppy because she shipped nearly 50 a month to Vancouver pet shops and pet shops in Alberta. She said that she never sees the puppies when they leave and could care less what happenend to them after she sells them to the pet stores because they were "no longer her problem".
She is having a kennel reduction sale, advertising breeding stock and puppies ranging in price from free to $800.00.

She has Beagles, Bassett hounds, miniature american eskimo, bichon shih tzu, pom shih tzu, poodle maltese, as well as other poodle, shih tzu, and pom crosses.
She had 50 puppies for sale and said they went "like hotcakes" and that she wanted to dump the rest because they are too much work for her now.

The Bassett hound is in heat right now and with her male beagles, the beagle females have either just weaned a litter or will be having litters so with them "you`ll get your money back out of them" when they have their litters.
I had the local humane society visit this lady once before and they shut her down, I am sick to think that she is back up and running again.

I am not sure if they would do anything again but I am going to call to see if someone would just check it out for me, and for those dogs.

It really bothers me that they shut her down before and now she is back at it again. This woman doesn`t care at all for her dogs, she just fills the pet store demand, and then sells off her breeding stock ( one of her beagles that just had a litter just turned a year old) She told me that one or two of her beagle females is in heat right now and with the males so they would more than likely be bred when you bought them.

I will try to get someone to look into this again and hopefully they can shut her down for good this time.


July 5th, 2005, 11:37 AM
Unfortunately for as long as people would buy puppies from pet stores, there would be puppy millers like her.

July 5th, 2005, 05:05 PM
or even worse than her... it's disgusting. There will be a nice boiling place for her in hell. :evil:

July 5th, 2005, 06:10 PM
This is what puppy mills do, they fly under the radar for as long as they can, once detected, they fly even lower..resurfacing at a different location. They can afford to do this because they make mucho bucks from the unknowing public or other byb'ers.

Any legit business can be found in the same location with the doors open to anyone & everyone.

I have seen puppy millers buy property (acres) and hang out as long as they can, being forced to move because of neighbors complaining about the stench and noise, not because of their unethical treatment of the animals!

I could go on. I wanted to post to the other similar thread but we have had too many storms here lately.