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Inflamed eye and cortisone problems

July 3rd, 2005, 10:06 AM
I took Leon, my ten month old puppy, to the vet on Friday morning. At about 2 am of the same day, his right eye had suddenly turned red. He was completely fine, then went into my mother's room for two minutes, and when I called him out his right eye was messed up. The blood vessels were swollen and the third eyelid was covering one third of the eye.

He hid under an armchair and his eyes were closing. He looked extremely sick. I tried to locate an open animal clinic, but there was only one in another town so I could only call them for advice (no car).

After ten minutes he came out from under the armchair. His eye was still in the same condition, but he was active and playful again.

My mother said that all he did the two minutes he was in her room was to scratch himself. He has long nails and often scratches his face, so I thought he could have hurt his eye that way.

In the morning, around 6 am, I noticed that the third eyelid of his left eye had become like the right one. The blood vessels though were normal. His right eye was in the same condition as it was.

My regular vet opened at 10:30 am. He examined Leon's right eye and said that it wasn't hurt. He attributed the inflammation to allergens. He then gave him an intra-muscular cortisone shot (Dexamethasone I think) and applied Tobradex (Dexamethasone & Tobramycin) ointment on his eye. He said I should continue applying Tobradex on both eyes for 6-8 days.

I must say that I really don't trust this vet. The sole reason I visit him is because I don't own a car and he's the only vet within walking distance.

Leon's eyes have cleared up now. What I don't understand is what could have caused him an allergic reaction the two minutes he was in my mother's room. He always goes in her room several times a day and never had a problem. I am very worried that he caused harm to his eye by scratching and the vet missed it in the examination. Should I continue applying Tobradex now that his eyes look normal?

And one other thing. Leon has had a low appetite for three months now, so he's a bit underweight. But on Saturday, one day after his treatment, I noticed that his trunk was obviously rounder.

The dog of a lady I know, was treated a few years ago by the same vet for a skin condition. He administered cortisone. Her dog is swollen with fat and has a moon face ever since.

I read on the internet that cortisone side effects include weight gain and Cushing's syndrome. I also read that moon face and trunk obesity are symptoms of Cushing's.

Now perhaps I'm being paranoid, but can a single cortisone shot cause sudden weight gain, Cushing's, or other serious conditions?

July 3rd, 2005, 01:30 PM
when the third eyelid pops out and covers the eye, and it's swollen and red, that's called cherry eye. sometimes it pops out for no reason at all, sometimes it goes back in on it's own, sometimes it needs medication, sometimes it needs surgery. My dog has it, had surgery twice and is on medication, but the gland/eyelid (same thing as the gland is in the third eyelid) is still out.

If you dog was just scratching his eye, it could have made the eyelid/gland swollen and pop out. It may not have been an allergic reaction, just a random occurance. I don't know what type of dog it is, but many dogs are prone to cherry eye.

Something as simple as maybe scratching his eye after he was out in the yard could cause a reaction (many dogs are allergic to grass and pollen, which he could have got in his eye from rubbing it).

July 3rd, 2005, 03:13 PM
My puppy's eye did the same thing at the exact same age!!
To be sure that his eyelid wasn't scratched, the vet did a Fluorescein Eye stain. Then, when he knew Dodger's eye wasn't scratched he prescribed BNPH Ointment and concluded that Dodger must be reacting to something in the environment. The BNPH didn't really work, so we went back and had a tear test done just in case he had dry eye. His tear ducts are fine so then the vet suggested I either continue with the BNPH or buy Polysporin eyedrops.
Dodger's eye cleared up a month later on its own. Now, his eye only gets like this when he swims in dirty water!
I hope that your puppy's eye gets better soon!

July 3rd, 2005, 04:05 PM
Well, thankfully Leon's eye has cleared up so I stopped putting Tobradex on it. Any advice on cortisone side effects? I'm still worried about his rib cage becoming fuller in the course of a day.