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My Poor Bunny

Bueller's Mommy
July 11th, 2003, 10:44 AM
:( Last night my 9 year old dwarf rabbit passed away.

Two weeks ago I took him to the vet because he was not eating and was losing clumps of hair and the vet sent me home with some medication for a mouth infection and a package of critical care food to get his weight back up along with a hefty price tag of almost $100 total.
He seemed to be getting better and then last night when I came home from work I was shocked to see him hunched over in pain with his eyes bulging from his head. I rushed him to the vet and he advised me to euthanize Bud. He also said that the previous vet from 2 weeks ago had written in the file that he wasn't looking hopeful and that made me very angry because I wasn't told that on my first visit and I had no idea at the time that he was possibly on his last legs!
I am very upset that I had to see my poor bunny in that state when he could have been put down peacefully and painlessly two weeks ago. It was a really hard decision to put him down, but I couldn't stand to see him in such horrible health and he lived a really long and happy (I hope) life.
I am very grateful for the compassion and the care that the second vet provided and it's nice to see a vet that gives you your options, yet doesn't pressure you into spending all the extra money to try and save a lost cause.
I'm sure Bud is at peace now.
Thanks for listening.

Now Mommy of only 2 furbabies.:(

July 11th, 2003, 04:35 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your loss. It is VERY aggravating to hear stories like this.

Know that your bunny is not suffering any longer and remember all the good times.

Maybe write a tribute on this site, it does help.

again my condolences,