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Bug spray for dogs?

Stephanie Matoz
July 10th, 2003, 12:54 PM
We have a Weimaraner and he is very prone to bug bites what kind of spray can be used to help prevent them?

July 16th, 2003, 12:26 PM
I've got to let everyone know that there is a terrific DEET FREE bug spray for your pets and family. It is called BUSH SPLASHand is produced by muskoka woods in huntsville. You can purchase this product for 12.99 a bottle at most pet value locations in toronto.
I have used it for 2 summers now on my sheppard Cassie when we go camping or to the conservation area for the day. She has never had a bite as far as I can tell. It is made out of natural products but you may find it a little oily

Stephanie Matoz
July 16th, 2003, 03:37 PM
Thanks for the information, we will definately try it out.