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Hello, I'm new...

June 30th, 2005, 10:51 AM
Hi! I am 22, married and a mother to a wonderful 3 yr old little boy. I have three cats, 2 are rescue cats, I inherrited one. I also have an Akita, which I received from an organization that rescues abused animals.

The one cat I inherrited is a registered Pixie Bob, but she is 11 years old and way past show days, (not that I would take her otherwise) and her name is Lucy-Fur...My gramma said she always was a spit-fire kitty. She is grossly overweight due to the fact my gramma (in her later stages of demntia) would feed her 8 or 9 times a day and always gave her the fat from her daily T-bones...

My other two cats I found at my last job. I was compacting the trash compactor when I kept seeing something not bagged. (This is very rare to see unbagged stuff in this compactor) So I started to poke the trash around and saw 3 little kitties...Their eyes weren't even opened yet. I climbed in a got the three of them and wiped them off and placed them in a a box in a chicken warmer untill I got off work...(No there was no food around, this was an old warmer no longer used) I got off that morning and took them to a vet. She kept them for 3 days, but one of them didn't live...The other two have been with me since October and have been wonderful! One is a short haired tabby (although right now he is salt n peppered) kitty named Hefner (named so because of his obsession with mamaries) and the other is LyngLing, named after a cartoon on Comedy Central's show "Drawn Together". LyngLing (according to the vet) has a lot of Maine Coon in him. He is very very big (weighs almost 13 lbs, and is about 18 inches from head to behind)

The AKita is about 12 months old, and I have had him for 3 months. Despite being an abused puppy, (will not go into details here because it makes me ANGRY) he is very friendly with the cats as well as my son. He is very big though, but a goofy dog with a ton of patience. The Akita got named kitty because when we first introduced him to my son my son's first words were, "BIIIIG Kitty!"

While I have a lot of pets I am very new at this but get great satisfaction out of my pets and knowing that they are in a loving household that can provide for all of their needs. So please be patient, I may ask obvious questions, but I don't know, and am generally trying to allow my pets the best life they ever could have.


June 30th, 2005, 11:06 AM
Wow thats a great story, about the kittens (not great that they were in the trash but you know what i mean)

there are lots of great people here to help you with your questions and don't worry about how obvious you think they might be

June 30th, 2005, 11:17 AM
Hi Stephanie -- It's very nice to meet someone from the armpit of Georgia. :D

I love the idea of an Akita named Kitty!! I look forward to getting to know more about your well-loved animals.. And I want you to know you've really come to the right place to get answers to your questions. Uh.. not necessarily from me... I'm still learning too.. but I try to do the best I can for the animals I encounter in my life. Let's see... OH two more things:

First - Pictures. Post pictures. We love pictures.

Second - Be warned! This place is addictive! :P

June 30th, 2005, 12:19 PM
Welcome Stephanie!!
Love your story ... so touching and so good of you to take in these abandoned and abused furbabies :)
As Pags said ... we LOVE to see pictures and yes this board is quite addictive :crazy:

June 30th, 2005, 04:03 PM
Stephanie,that's a wonderful story and I hope you will be able to post some pics...anyway,Welcome to the best pet-forum,a lot of people will be able to help you out with any problems!

June 30th, 2005, 05:15 PM
Welcome Stephanie! Love your intro and I'll echo the plea for pictures. I have a soft spot for Akitas as my brother has one. They are truly great dogs.