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Strange Website -( graphic images)

June 29th, 2005, 09:50 PM
My little sister sent me this website today along with a petition to end it. This has to be joke doesn't it?

Lucky Rescue
June 30th, 2005, 07:37 AM
Just a warning - click the above links at your own risk.

They are very unpleasant and may cause nausea. :yuck:

June 30th, 2005, 07:49 AM
I didn't see the link to the rotten website until after you posted it. The worst part about that link is that my 11 year old sister sent it to me and she forwarded it on to all her little friends thinking it was actually true. People are so sick these days.

June 30th, 2005, 07:59 AM
I'll never understand why people who discover pictures of suffering or something morbid or upsetting or disgusting or inhumane or gory or gross etc. feel the need to post it and upset other members.

Personally I was disgusted by the first image I saw and it makes zero difference to me if this is a joke or not - the image is still etched in my head.



June 30th, 2005, 08:03 AM
I must be naive or something... do people actually do this to animals??? Those poor kittens. :sad:

June 30th, 2005, 08:44 AM
that is one sick joke, i dont think the cats could survive and anyone who would want a pet why like that? get a stuffed animal and put it in a jar.
I'm a bit diturbed.....

June 30th, 2005, 09:42 AM
I'll never understand why people who discover pictures of suffering or something morbid or upsetting or disgusting or inhumane or gory or gross etc. feel the need to post it and upset other members.

Personally I was disgusted by the first image I saw and it makes zero difference to me if this is a joke or not - the image is still etched in my head.


I would have to agree with Marko ... why are we 'supporting' these types of sites by posting them here and having more people hit these disgusting sites? I'm sure their webmaster are exstatic about the number of hits these sites are getting :mad:
IMO this thread should be stopped/deleted by admin/mods and any other thread like it. Why promote/encourage this type of thing?

June 30th, 2005, 09:05 PM
I deleted the link for my post and apologize to those who were offended.

Oh just so that people aren't thinking I'm a horrible person for posting that website. The reason I posted it in the first place was to find an answer for my little sister. SHe's been telling all her friends about it and has even posted the website as her MSN sign in name and she didn't want to believe that it was a fake. I thought if I had some proof she would stop telling everyone about it.

heeler's rock!
July 3rd, 2005, 02:29 PM
As I didn't see the link, it sounds as though it's the website for the "Bonzai" cats or something like that. They claim they put a very young kitten in a glass shaped however you want it, and let it grow into the shape. Then, when it's grown, you break the glass and it's forever shaped as something unique. Well, to ease your minds, this is TOATLLY, 100% fake. No way can you take a kitten from it's mom early enough to manipulate it's spine and expect it to live to be a grown adult. No way. I was tricked into thinking this was true a few years ago, and was relieved when I heard it was all fake and the makers of the original website were shut down. Unfortunately, some other sicko's saw the sight and have now decided to continue the string of lies. Those pictures were manipulated, and I to still remember the images. They are VERY disturbing.

July 3rd, 2005, 10:18 PM
The link was gone by the time I arrived but the whole Bonsai thing was a sick joke!

July 4th, 2005, 04:42 PM
I reported this site a while back to PETA. They investigated, it turns out the # is fake--it's all fake. A couple a college guys wanted to do a prank. None of it was true except there where quite a few lawsuites against them. In the end they did start doing what there fake website did and where like" Oh look we are doing it its art and religeon not a hoak"... So sick and disturbing if no one would have incouraged this site they would'nt
of kept it open and then had to prove themselves!

July 5th, 2005, 11:34 AM
Claim: A Korean company solicited American dog shelters for excess dogs to turn into soup.

Status: False.

Example: [Letter from Kea So Joo, Inc, 1994]

Dear Executive Director,

Excuse my English Please, Thank You. First congratulation on all you good work with animal. We support. We would like to help your company make money, so we like to offer help so you make money.

Dog shelter kill million of dog, cost money. Dog shelter cremate dog cost money. Dog shelter need money to operate. Where it get money? Hard to get money.

Many people like to eat dog. People need to eat dog. Where do they get dog? Some people they raise dog to eat. Some steal dog, make some people angry, hurt some people. That not right.

We like make proposal to your dog shelter to sell us dog. You save money, you make money. We buy all dog, regardless of size or color. We prefer big, young, strong dog but we take all dog from your dog shelter. We cook dog in America. We can dog in America and sell some dog in America in Asian market place. Lot people in America eat dog. Most dog we ship oversea. Lot people eat dog. Many country eat dog. Korea, China eat dog, Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia eat dog. Dog is healthy for you. This way your cost of business is less. You make more money, more people happy. You get cleaner air. No burn up dog. No waste dog. People pet no disappear. Everybody happy.

Cause we understand some people no like idea to eat dog. But they make trouble for people who like eat dog. Those people called two face. Those people eat cow, rabbit and mice, squirrel and frog and every thing else, but still give us trouble. But dog is good food. Dog is good medicine, make sick people strong, make old people young, make penis hard, make sex good again. Our business getting very big. Need more dog. We are prepared to offer you ten cents per pound per dog. We pick up dog every day, so you also save on feeding dog. We like very much to speak with you and make deal. Please tell us how many dog available in your business. We have deal already to do same with dog shelter in New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We hope to be eventually in big city cross America. You can join us now, save money and continue doing your good job. We do big business together. We have big business already with many dog breeder and many dog hospital. Dog no suffer, We have quick death for dog.

Looking to hear from you soon,

Thank you

Kim Yung Soo
Kea So Joo, Inc.

Origins: The
letter quoted above raised a media firestorm in 1994. Fifteen hundred such missives were received by animal shelters across the U.S.A. Though some recipients saw it for the hoax it was, others immediately hit the panic button and summoned the media to decry such a horrid proposition. Imagine wanting to eat dog! Imagine approaching American animal shelters with such a slimy deal! Never mind that in 1992, 6.3 million dogs were euthanized in animal shelters! At least they weren't eaten . . .

Shelter workers and animal rights groups were appalled. The media had a field day. And the greater the outcry, the more all of them did the work of a prankster extraordinaire for him.

Kea Joey SkaggsSo Joo (Korean for "dog meat soup") wasn't a real company. Its only real-life manifestations were letterhead, a P.O. box, and a phone number. The idea for the sting came from Joey Skaggs, a man who has been the bane of the media for thirty years.

Skaggs sees himself as a performance artist on a mission. Where others use canvas and paint, he uses telephones and fax machines. His medium of choice is the imaginative prank. His messages often get lost in the fallout over his pranks , but they are always there. And you usually don't have to look very far for them.

For the dog project he set up a phone line and recorded an announcement in Korean and English, complete with dogs barking in the background. Two days after the letters were sent out, the line was swamped as Skaggs logged thousands of calls and taped messages from animal welfare officials, police, reporters, and various appalled cow-eating Americans. Animal lovers called him a filthy yellow devil and suggested Asians be deported, killed, or canned.

The phone was never answered by a person. All incoming calls were answered and recorded by a machine. That didn't stop various outraged parties from claiming they'd spoken to someone at the other end.

''I asked what I could do with dogs since I'm in Colorado and they're in New York," said Robin Duxbury, director of the Denver-based Animal Rights Mobilization. "He said, 'We have people that come pick them up from you, even in Colorado,''' said Duxbury, who then claimed to have hung up.

Dozens of newspapers and television stations carried staff-written and wire-service articles reporting investigations by concerned officials at animal welfare groups. One article noted a possible link between the letter and the disappearance of large dogs in upstate New York; another quoted an official on Long Island as claiming "proof" that the letter is from a real company.

After the furor had been hullabalooed in the news for a week, Skaggs completed his work by sending a news release headlined, "Dog Meat Hoax Exposed." In it, he confessed his role and explained that his purpose has been "to bring to light issues of cultural bias, intolerance and racism," as well as to demonstrate the media's tendency to be "reactionary, gullible and irresponsible."

Skaggs believed the American public, with its own prejudices regarding which animals it's okay to consume, would go bonkers when confronted with the dog-meat proposal -- and he was right. Animal rights groups and public officials took the story completely out of his hands -- in the process, he believes, exposing their own racism and cultural bigotry. One of the messages of the prank, Skaggs maintains, was "We are culturally intolerant. It was about prejudice, as illustrated in the letters, faxes and calls I received."

Dog meat is indeed consumed in many Asian countries, a fact that horrifies Americans. Americans have no qualms about eating beef, even though cows are sacred in some religions, and the eating of cows in those countries would be greeted with as much enthusiasm as dog-eating would be here. But dog meat is officially banned in Korea, in part because of foreign pressure. If India tried to pressure us to give up hamburgers, though, we'd be outraged.

Rest of story: