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Sick cat and many trips to vet.

June 28th, 2005, 04:02 PM

Almost two weeks ago this Thursday my cat has been acting very lethargic and has been very warm, a week ago Tues., I took him into my vet and he was running 105 temp. He was also dehydrated. They gave him fluids and kept him most of the day, then let me take him home. He was doing well the first night then gradually became worse. I continued hand feeding him, and dropping water into his mouth but he would only take small amounts. Often nothing significant. I followed up with his doctor the next day and his temp had gone down to normal, so he was sent home and I was asked to observe him. I contacted my vet the next day ( Thurs.) and asked them if its possible sap from trees would be harmful for him, as he sometimes would like my shoes which had sap on them. She returned my call the following day and said it shouldn't be any concern for that, then I told her how Rambo was doing and she said continue to monitor him.
Over the next day and a half he became very lethargic, cried in pain, walked funny, was very warm to touch, wouldn't eat or drink, slept for 6-7 hours in one position.. I knew something was wrong. I called the vet and they were closed so I attempted the clinic the next day. They were going to make him wait 2 hours in pain! SO I brought him home to be more comfortable. At this point he had been urinating about 3 Xs a day, but no stools. On Monday morning I was getting him ready to go back to his doctor and he went bowelmovement. He showed signs of improvement and alertness, he even ate out of his own bowl and moved around. Although he still was walking funny.
I took him in and they found he was running 104.8 temp, and the suggested to get bloodwork done. So the did that and sent him home with melexicam, cyproheptadine and AD to force feed. I have not left his side since, yesterday his temp remained high lowering to about 102, then going back up this morning to 103.5 I force fed him this morning after the medicines had no effect on him. He has gotten up once in about 16-18 hours, and walked about 2 feet to the bed off a chair.
Something that concerns me is his hind legs seem to bothering him and he constantly shakes, and outstretches his leg every few seconds. I mentioned this to the vet and she said it might be nerves, but something tells me the problem has to do with that shaking and extending pain in his hind area. I notcied also a little while ago as he laid on his back, all four paws starting shaking uncontrollably.
I have not heard back from his doctor yet about the bloodwork results, and I am just so scared for him. I know he is in pain, and I feel so helpless. Do you have any idea what this all sounds like? The vet said something fip or fiv is what it sounds like, but no diagnosis has been made. With his temp spiking, its causing some concerns. I would appreciate any info or peace of mind in this.. I love this cat so much and I'm just trying to understand what is wrong with my boy.

Thank you for reading and your time.


June 28th, 2005, 04:10 PM
I'm sorry not to have anysuggestions for you, but Your doing what you can for the little guy and I'm sure the vet will call with the results soon enough and hopefully have some meds that will get him back to normal in no time :)

June 28th, 2005, 04:10 PM
Allison,I can understand your pain and worry...I have no answers for you,but be patient someone will come along and try to help.
I would consider going to another vet,if this vet can do nothing else but give him drugs,not knowing the cause of your cats distress...
I've had problems with one of my cats lately and I totally understand how you feel,especially with your cat beeing in obvious pain.. :sad:
Good luck to both you and your kitty :love:

June 28th, 2005, 04:18 PM
oh dear, you & your kitty are in my thoughts.

How old is rambo? Indoor or Outdoor kitty? any previous problems? (a little more info might help the people with alot of kitty-illness experience here.

Do you have any emergency clinics/animal hospitals in your area? Just a thought. I've had better luck at those places a few times, much more expensive, but for good reason.

I hope the little guy pulls through very soon!

June 28th, 2005, 04:48 PM
Thank you for your thoughts and repsonses. Rambo is just two this June. He has had no other illnesses, and he is an indoor cat. Other than knowing from a previous vet appointment that he is more prone to cancer by being in the sun, and its good that he has always been indoors makes it more unlikely. There hasnt been any history with him. I also have his brother ( litter mate) It was just the two of them. I got them when they were just under 6 weeks old. How precious they are to me! When he was nuetered they had to operate because one did not descend properly and was infected in him. But that went well and was a year ago. Other than that he has been healthy and rambunctious. Its odd, because he still looks like a healthy boy, its just that stubborn temp and behavior symptoms. Like just now I took his temp about 15 minutes ago, after suddenly he woke up and jumped two or three places .. he slipped on the last one but is alright.. but that has been the most activity in about a week and a half. I took his temp right after the jumps and it climbed just under 104. I tell you I have no idea what is going on inside of my boy! Please continue praying for him.

June 28th, 2005, 05:10 PM
When are you supposed to get the blood test results back? Did they take a urine sample? Are any of the meds he was prescribed antibiotics?

June 28th, 2005, 07:48 PM
You mentioned that your cat licked the tree sap from your shoes. You don't mention the type of trees you have. A search on several of them shows the sap to be toxic to animals:

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Castor Bean, Fig tree Sap. Mushroom, Rubber Tree, Daffodil, Cucumber ... - 16k

Guide to Birch Trees
A tree that is pruned before the leaves have developed will bleed sap depleting
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