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Keeping a puppy with URI comfy

June 28th, 2005, 02:21 PM
Hi all. It's sick puppy time again at our house. We adopted Judge from the local animal shelter Friday morning (and I really have to say this was definitely a rescue... the shelter is a total mess... but that's another thread entirely...) He was given parvo/adeno/bordatella shots before we left .. we then drove directly to our vet's office from the shelter. They couldn't work us in so made an appointment for Judge this Wednesday afternoon and told us to let them know if the nose got worse (the tech noticed he had a clear but runny nose).

Terror puppy has been doing really well... huge appetite - lots of energy - pink gums - clean ears - no coughing - soft but not runny stools (though he definitely needs worming) but he still had that darned runny nose!! This morning though the runny nose turned to icky discharge and he has coughed about three times -- a gagging cough. Sooo I called the vet's office to let them know and see if we could move up the appointment. The tech said the earliest they can work me in is tomorrow morning as opposed to afternoon. Blah!!

In the meantime -- I wanted to ask you guys ...Do you think a humidifier or vaporizer or other such contraption in the room might help him feel any better? I just feel so sorry for him with his little stuffy nose. :(

June 28th, 2005, 02:27 PM
omg pags you can't be going through this again!!! :grouphug:

runny nose isn't on here but cough is:

Is the shelter going to help with the bills? you've only had him a couple of days?


your a good person,

June 28th, 2005, 02:46 PM
Blah angie - I know..

Thank you very much for the link - that points me in a direction anyway. I was going to ask the vet about a children's antihistimine or cough medicine... so I think I'll call and pester them about that.

OH and the shelter. The shelter's contract makes it clear they take no responsibility whatsoever for the health of their animals. OH BOY and if you had seen this place you would understand why. It's the county animal shelter (and the only shelter within 80 miles of here) and it is a REAL nightmare. We almost left in tears -- well as a matter of fact we DID leave in tears.. but we drove back because there was no way we could leave without rescuing someone from that place. When we got home my husband asked me if I could volunteer or something when our kids are a little older and I can get out of the house. OMG if someone could just take the time to go pet these babies or replace a lightbulb or argh..

Soo.. we knew what we may be getting into anyway. According to the papers on his cage he had been at the shelter for less than two days - but he was sharing a kennel with several terrier mix puppies. I'm hoping we're dealing with kennel cough here - there's no way the baby didn't end up with kennel cough... But pleeeeease don't let there be anything else going on :fingerscr

June 28th, 2005, 02:51 PM
omg. I think I would be suspicious if they don't take any reposibility for the animals health. theres no way in such a short time he got sick at your place, I'm getting angry... you must be so beyond that....

I would call a health inspector or something to get that place checked out....

June 28th, 2005, 05:37 PM
Hi! Okay.. I tried to edit my last post and it still just didn't come out right so I have decided to start all over again. :) I want to apologize to anyone who read the now-deleted post.. as it really was just an angry rant. I think I just ended up highly emotional this afternoon -- somewhere between the new puppy's hacking cough and the story of the 10 month old puppy losing his life today... It just got to be too much.

But the fact is -- the shelter where we got Judge is a public shelter run by the county. It is the ONLY shelter.. Needless to say - resources are limited and the place is jam-packed. The volunteers quite obviously do everything they can.. and they look as broken-hearted as any of us would. They are trying and have recently implemented a foster program -- which I think is great. Someday I very much would like to volunteer there and help with the enormous overload.. Or maybe we can help as a foster family... Or maybe we can start our own rescue even! But for today -- we can't do any of those things. What we would like to do -- is help this one little puppy.

So in the meantime if anybody knows whether or not a humidifier would help or hurt Judge's congestion... And also -- if Judge already had Kennel Cough and then got the Bordatella (sp?)/Adeno vaccine.. could the vaccine have actually made things worse? Lemme know what you guys know. :)

I'll update when I get back from the vet's in the morning.

June 28th, 2005, 05:45 PM
I am praying for judge to be well. Please let us know what the vet said.