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Cushings Syndrome - questioning treatment

June 28th, 2005, 01:28 PM
First I'd like to thank you for your comments and information when I have previously posted - they have helped tremedously.

I was wondering if anyone had gone through the treatments for Cushings Disease and if they would do it again?

Our 13 year old Lab was positively diagnosed with Cushings Disease yesterday after about 1 month of testing. The specialist explained the treatments with to us and how they are dangerous, we could possibly lose our dog. We were willing to take the gamble. He explained the costs (which are fairly high because there is a lot of monitoring in the beginning) and we were Ok with that. Then he told us that with treatment our 13 year old lab would probably live 1 year longer. We are deeply concerned about putting our dog through this if she gains less than 1 year of life and could possibly die.

Has anyone dealt with this?

June 28th, 2005, 02:13 PM
My beagle Misty is suspected of having Cushings. We still have to have her undergo the tests, but because she has been stressed due to other health issues recently, we have decided to put it off for a little while.

I was wondering if you could please post the symptoms that your dog was having. My beagle is only experiencing the severe food cravings where she is hungry all the time and never seems to have enough. Her blood tests and urine tests have also should the possibility of her having cushings. She also drinks a lot.

I have heard conflicting advise regarding the treatment for Cushings. I'm a little confused myself if I should put Misty on any medication should she be diagnosed as being Cushinoid.

I've heard that the treatment is worse than the illness itself and if the symptoms are not interfering with the pets quality of life and if the owner can tolerate them, then medication is not needed. I've also heard that the medication is safe and not to worry. I personally don't believe in over medicating.

There is one other member (Amelia365) here that I know has had a dog with cushings. I'm sure she will be able to offer you some advise as she has helped me tremendously a few months back with the same issue.

I've been told by my vet that many dogs getting cushings as they age. Many times it goes unnoticed.

June 28th, 2005, 02:24 PM
I'm going to type the symptoms directly from an article that my vet gave me from the Textbook of Veterinary Medicine by Edward Feldman ...

"The most common symptoms of Cushing's Synrome include excess urination, and water consumption, a voracious appetite, muscle weakness, panting, lethargy, a "potbellied appearance" , and hair loss. Virually all dogs with Cushing's have at least two of thses signs, but it would be uncommon for a dog to have all of these symtoms"

Thanks so much for posting back ... its a really hard decision to make. Princess, our dog is just a wonderful. loving , well mannered giving dog and I want to do what's best!

The medicine that they use is a form of DDT, that destroys the cortisone producting cells of the adrenal glands.

I wish you the best with your dog - cindi

June 28th, 2005, 02:34 PM
Thank you Cindi for posting the symptoms. Misty is showing some of those, particularly the drinking, panting and the appetite. Her appetite is so bad that we must keep all cans out of her reach because she has chewed them open!

I know how hard this is on you. It is so difficult to see our pets suffering. I know that whatever you decide, it will be the best you could do for Princess. Try PMing Amelia365. She may help you make your decision a little easier.

Good luck to you and Princess and please keep us updated.

Hopefully some more people will be along soon to help you further.