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'Spoiled' show dog gets taste of freedom, avoids capture

June 27th, 2005, 04:36 PM
CALGARY - A tiny pooch whose dogged determination to get back to the home she's known for the last six years has caught the imagination of Calgarians is now being tracked by a pack of hounds.

Annie, a purebred miniature smooth dachshund, has evaded all who have tried to catch her since she went on the lam June 13.

It's been quite the adventure for the shy show dog, a former Canadian champion for longtime breeder Gisele Blair. advertisement

"This is a spoiled rotten show dog, who never was ever allowed to run loose," said Blair, who has been tracking Annie's movements throughout the city thanks to reports from Calgarians.

"I'm surprised she's been able to last 14 days out there without getting hit by a car or being attacked by coyotes in some of the inner-city parks. But I guess instinct takes over."

The dachshund, retired from show and from Blair's breeding program, had just been placed at a new home with a loving family when she got loose from the back yard, disappearing through a small space in the fence.

For the last week, new owner Wendy Benson has enlisted the help of a man with tracking dogs, but little Annie's stayed one step ahead.

"People who have sighted her have tried to track her down, and that's the wrong thing to do because she takes off like a shot," said Blair, who's offering a reward for her retrieval.

"I doubt she'll come to anybody but me, and I don't even know if she'll recognize me after going through such a traumatic incident."

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