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Giardia treatment.... diarrhea

June 22nd, 2005, 10:18 PM
I have a new puppy that is about 14 weeks old and is a lab mix (mixed with ??) Here is a little history so you have the full story... He was resuced, little food & water, take away from mother between 4 and 6 weeks. Was stocky yet still thiner than a healthy puppy. The first day he came home I found white spaghetti looking worms. He was wormed that day and checked a week later and said to be worm free. Then the dog got a red patchy rash on his abdomin where there is little hair around the genital area. The vet said is was a staph infection, gave us amoxicilin and panalog ointment. That same day he was checked for Giardia and worms again. They found hook worms and tested positive for giardia. He never had any symptoms. He was given a Giardia vaccine, Panacur 5cc once daily for 5 days. He seemed to be doing fine. Lately he is growing rapidly and not as stocky looking. He has never been a fat puppy since he was rescued and taken care of poorly by previous owner. He is a hyper little happy puppy. He had loose stools a couple of weeks ago when he was at my inlaws house while we were on vacation. The vet recommended imdoium. (since is was probally from eating the older dogs food) His stool went back to normal. Now over a week later he has runny stools again. He ate a mini raw hide bone in about 20 mins so my husband thought that is what caused it. In addition, his male genitals have been sticking out for the first time and every now and then I find a strange looking fluid that is clear sticky and sometimes has thick yellowish gooey stuff in it also. I have not had a puppy so I am not sure if it is puppy puberty or somthing wrong??? I hope I am not sounding dumb! Should I still be worried about the Giardia? or worms? I was told the giardia vaccine and treatment is not 100% and it would also take care of the hook worms... I am worried I may be missing something but also don't want to run him in for every little problem.... Any advice on this issue would sure help me sleep better! :confused:

June 22nd, 2005, 10:30 PM
Never give a puppy or dogs rawhide they are horrible and usually infected with some form of bacteria to start off with. Other then that the hunks of rawhide do not digest and can get lodged in the intestine or stomach...needing surgical removal sometimes. SO no more rawhide ok :D more immodium or medications for a couple/three days..take a sample of the stool to the vet ask them to CULTURE IT (grow it)

Also ask about Tylosin an antibiotic thats safer for pups, causes little side effects and is pretty broad spectrum in killin many things.

Boil some chicken and rice/mashed potato and feed that to pup atleast once a day or for each meal for a week.

June 23rd, 2005, 09:48 AM
And feed him water from a consistent source. If you go away for a day or two take water from home. Basically, stabalise everything in his diet while you work through his problems and he is back on track.

June 23rd, 2005, 12:45 PM
Parker had a little discharge that was green tinted coming from his little thingy and when I took him to the vet (thinking it might be an infection) she said that a small amount of discharge in a male isn't unusual. Of course, that doesn't mean that your pup doesn't have an infection. I've never heard of giving a dog imodium - I would think that would just cover up the symptom instead of looking for a cause. Is the pup on a decent food, or has his food been changed recently? Is he getting alot of different kinds of treats? Normally, loose stools are caused from the food they are eating (or other things they may be eating). How long have you had the pup? The loose stools may take some time to remedy if his food is the culprit. I would also be leary of feeding him chicken unless he's had it before with no problems - dogs with food allergies seem to be allergic to chicken quite often. If you are still worried about the giardia, I would have him tested again to see if the vaccine took. Good Luck! :)

June 24th, 2005, 08:22 PM
He has not had any change in his diet. We don't even give him treats. He eats Eukenuba puppy food for large breeds. For two days when we first got him he ate Nutro Natural Choice Lamb and Rice puppy food for large breeds. The vet had me take him off it immediately since his stools were loose and when I switched him his stools firmed right up the same day. However, he don't like the food all that well... he don't eat it all up or get excited about it. I feel he needs to change but don't want to change now since all of this! I live in Michigan, US so I don't know what type of food is good... I want him to eat good food.