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Introducing Grace Elizabeth

June 20th, 2005, 09:35 PM
Gracie was born at 12:35 pm on Sunday. Cheryl apparently started at 10:30 am on Saturday. After going to the movies and walking around Home Depot, she finally decided to tell me at 4:30 (remember the scene on the GO train? Yea, that again). As a joke, I said, "Aw man, I'm going to miss COPs again??". She said she thought it was the same thing, so don't worry, she'd call the hospital, and if they wanted us to come in, she'd wait until after cops (against my insistance) As it was, we didn't get there until after ten. The dr said, "Congratulations, you're in labour!" She said, "I thought so." I said, " :eek: ". That's not what she told me! She's nuts, and I love her! Anyway, I was up with her all night, and felt horrible, because I couldn't do anything to help. At about 5:30 am, she got an epidural, and we finally got a couple of hours sleep (if that). I am sooo proud of her! They even told her near the end she had to wait 30 minutes while the dr was in surgery. She was amazing! Anyway, I'm rambling, so here's a picture of my first (and best!) father's day gift ever!

June 20th, 2005, 09:38 PM
Wow! Thats amazing! What an awesome gift!!!!!

What a beautiful girl!

Congrats to you and your wife!

:crazy: ;) :pawprint: :cool: :p :D :o

Joey, Marty and Minou!!

June 20th, 2005, 09:56 PM
That goes to show ya what an awesome DAD you're going to be, having that cute lil bundle of joy on Father's Day!

Congrats Schwinn!!!
I love her name, btw. :love:

June 20th, 2005, 10:02 PM
YEAHHHHh happy papa's day :D

Welcome into this world you beautiful adoring little princess

June 20th, 2005, 10:26 PM
Congratulations!!!! She's beautiful. I love the name. :highfive:

June 20th, 2005, 11:11 PM
AWW Congrat's My good friend :) Schwinn :)
We the iRONKREW (Trust me We're MANY :) are SO HAPPY FOR YOU.. :) wow every second must be Exciting.. :)
Gracie was born at 12:35 pm on Sunday. :) you mean she was born 12:35am or 0:35 Sunday :)

June 20th, 2005, 11:49 PM
Just downloaded the latest from the camera :)

June 21st, 2005, 12:16 AM
She is so adorable!!

Cactus Flower
June 21st, 2005, 12:27 AM
Oh Schwinn, she is beautiful! She looks like a little porcelain doll! So precious, and so very feminine (most newborns I've seen don't look like one gender or the other yet- your daughter LOOKS like a girl).

I was commenting out loud about her name before this thread even fully loaded. I see you've already gotten quite a few compliments about it, but I really do have to say I LOVE her name! Very very elegant.

Congratulations to you and Cheryl. You're going to make a terrific Dad.

June 21st, 2005, 12:39 AM
Yeah! :thumbs up Congrats. :crazy: Enjoy it while you can, they grow up so fast. :D She's adorable.

June 21st, 2005, 02:15 AM
YEY!!! Congratulations!!! She is a cutie (and that's not just being polite.) :)

June 21st, 2005, 05:19 AM
aww congratulations what a fathers day gift she is lovely :party: Hope your wife is recovering well!

Daisy's Owner
June 21st, 2005, 05:33 AM
Congratulations!!!!! She is beautiful. Add me to Grace name fan list.

What a perfect little bundle of Fathers Day present you have.

June 21st, 2005, 05:50 AM
congrats, what a beautiful baby

June 21st, 2005, 05:58 AM

June 21st, 2005, 06:06 AM
Congrats on your beautiful lil Princess. I am also a fan of her name.

June 21st, 2005, 06:14 AM
What a perfect Father's Day gift for you :p
I love the name Grace and it seems to suit her perfectly as she looks just like a little princess :queen: :angel:
Hope everything is going well for Mommy Daddy and Baby Grace :grouphug:

June 21st, 2005, 06:19 AM
Oh Schwinn, what a beautiful little angel you have. Congratulations on the new arrival. Grace is lovely and certainly suits her name. :grouphug:

June 21st, 2005, 06:19 AM
A Schwinn puppy! Congrat's, she's adorable!

June 21st, 2005, 07:12 AM
:angel: :love: Congratulations, Schwinn! She's just beautiful. :love: :angel:

June 21st, 2005, 07:15 AM
What a cutie!!!!!!!

she looks healthy and beautiful all the best to you and hope you rest up before the bundle of joy comes home :)

just out of curiosity (can't spell) did you get the name from elizabeth from the view/ survivor thats the name of her 2 month old baby girl....

if not she has a special name !!!!

June 21st, 2005, 08:15 AM
congrats! She has the same names as my neice!

June 21st, 2005, 08:23 AM
Schwinn congratulations to all three of you,she has a perfect little girlie face,really beautiful...and you look like a very proud daddy,hugs to all three of you!!

June 21st, 2005, 09:42 AM
Congratulations! She really is a lovely little girl. Girl daddies rock! :thumbs up

June 21st, 2005, 10:01 AM
Congrats...Grace is such a beautiful name.

Rick C
June 21st, 2005, 10:43 AM
Congrats and a beautiful name.

Rick C

doggy lover
June 21st, 2005, 12:05 PM
Congrats on a beautiful little girl, she is lovely. Enjoy every moment they grow too fast.

June 21st, 2005, 12:22 PM
awwwww, she's absolutely BEAUTIFULL!! Just a few days old, and already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger!!

June 21st, 2005, 12:24 PM
What kind of pet is that, she has no fur LOL

She is Absolutely huggable!

June 21st, 2005, 03:28 PM
CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is so Gorgeous.

Hope everything is well. Your a great guy and deserve a great little girl. truly beautiful!
Give Cheryl a hug from and let her know we hope she feels better soon!!

Congrats again !!!!

I am also a fan of Grace. Very... ummm... graceful

June 21st, 2005, 04:30 PM
Congrats! What a pretty little girl you have! I love the name! I am so glad to hear that all went well! :D It still amazes me what woman can go through with the whole process! Congrats to you and the new mommy! :D

June 21st, 2005, 04:37 PM
Congratulations, Schwinn and Cheryl! Welcome to the world, Grace.

PS Dad, you'd better start loading those guns now, you're gonna have a heckuva time keepin the boys away....

June 21st, 2005, 05:19 PM
Happy Father's Day Schwinn! Can't believe I missed this thread yesterday! But, what a happy surprise today!! She is so precious! I'd say a real "keeper"! :love:

June 21st, 2005, 09:48 PM
Thank you all. She came home yesterday afternoon. I swear, the only reason Cheryl took so long to bring her home was because they said that Grace had to stay for 24 hours. I've already fed her, changed a couple of diapers, burped her, and had her throw up on me. Tomorrow we're taking her to the dr for her 48 hour check up, then taking her shopping to pick out murals for her room. I'm thinking of painting some building blocks, but now we're thinking of going with a Disney or Winnie the Pooh theme. We've already got the bright orange room (looks better than it sounds ;) ) with the bright colourful Cuban paintings, and the ceiling fan with the different coloured blades. It's amazing how much you can love someone you just met!

Oh, and for those who asked, Cheryl decided about two months ago she liked the name Gracie, and Elizabeth is her mother's middle name. We had been talking about either Claire or Grace. When she was born, Cheryl asked me what we were going to name her (I think I had just cut the cord). I told her, "Kona Schwinn". The nurses didn't know what those names were, then were horrified when Cheryl said, "You're not naming her after your mountain bikes!" So, I went with Grace. :D I also told Cheryl that Grace wanted to buy me an X-Box for father's day. I didn't get that, but that's okay. I already got the best father's day present I could ask for!!

Now, to hit the gym as much as I can before she reaches 16...

June 21st, 2005, 10:05 PM
Sorry, but I can't help posting pictures (trust me, I REALLY holding back considering how many I have!). But I wanted to post one more of us having our nap yesterday afternoon.

June 21st, 2005, 10:06 PM
so are you calling her "Gracie" then, Grace just being her 'proper' name?
Gracie is such a cute name...

No problem with the pics, i think all the women on this site are just eating them up. She's beautiful Daddy. The perfect daddy's lil girl :)

heeler's rock!
June 22nd, 2005, 08:59 AM
Awwww!!!!! Schwinn, congrats a million times over!!!!!! :D

Grace is such a beautiful little bundle of love! It makes me so excited for my big day! What a doll, and what a gorgeous name, for such a gorgeous girl!! :D

Tell Cheryl I'll need some labour tips soon! :) I'm a WUSS when it somes to pain, so I have no idea how to handle that. She sounds very strong and brave! Congratulations to you both!!!

:crazy: :love: :crazy: :love:

June 22nd, 2005, 09:56 AM

OMG,she is just gorgeous.And I just love the name.

Well the fun begins...LMAO.

(((((( Schwinn Cheryl Baby Grace )))))))))

June 22nd, 2005, 10:36 AM
Congratulations on your new beautiful baby girl!!!!!!! :thumbs up

June 22nd, 2005, 10:42 AM
love the pics.... congratulations again your making me want a baby!!!!

June 22nd, 2005, 03:32 PM
OH-MY GOSH!! Dont know where my head is at.. I thought your big event was some time away yet..
Congratulations to you all!! Your precious baby girl is absolutely beautiful!! What a little angel face, and such a lovely names you've chosen for her too.
You must be just SO ecstactic. On the joy meter of life, few things that can match this awesome and profound experience.
I am SO happy for you all, and send my best wishes as you begin this new and exciting chapter in your life.. your little family. :grouphug:

June 22nd, 2005, 04:03 PM

I'll keep my eye's open for Schwinn tricycle. :thumbs up

June 22nd, 2005, 05:04 PM
so are you calling her "Gracie" then, Grace just being her 'proper' name?
Gracie is such a cute name...

Yea, she'll probably be Gracie until she's a teenager (Dad! Stop calling me that in front of my friends!)

It is very exciting. Cheryl is doing great. We've been out and about all day. She keeps talking about how it wasn't as bad as people made her think it would be. I told her that she probably has 95% of mommies hating her.

Thanks for the compliments, all. I, too, think she's beautiful. But then again, I'm biased. :D

June 22nd, 2005, 08:29 PM
Beautiful pictures, keep em coming :D !!!

SO how are the furbabies liking Gracie?

June 22nd, 2005, 09:05 PM
So far, Daisy is okay. Mom was a little unimpressed when we put Gracie's car seat on the floor for Daisy to come say hi to. Once in a while she'll come up, give a sniff and a lick on the top of the head. Mostly, she hangs out, but when the screaming starts, she takes off. The one cat, Sweetpea, just steps over her to get to Cheryl's lap, and the other, Newbie...we haven't seen much of her since Gracie came home. I feel bad for Daisy, though. Because of her surgery, she can't run or play (well, she can, but we have to stop her). All she knows is we played with her until we went away, we came back with the little one, and now we don't play with her. But Daisy is getting TONNES of affection, and when she's healed, and we start playing with her, it'll be fine.

Let me know when they are getting annoying (I've been bragging since Sunday :D )

This is the first picture ever. I don't think she was happy to come out.

June 22nd, 2005, 09:09 PM
And another one...

June 22nd, 2005, 09:12 PM
This is the one before I went home, had a nap and showered. You might be able to tell by the two days of beard growth!

June 22nd, 2005, 09:28 PM
Congratulations, My kids are 4 and 7 now and I still show pictures. I even showed the ultra sound pictures to everyone.

June 23rd, 2005, 11:08 AM
CONGRATULATIONS! I think that you are going to be a wonderful daddy and keep taking those pictures! Time passes so quickly, it seems like yesterday that my son was born and he's 22 now!

June 23rd, 2005, 12:58 PM
Hehehe. Love the FEET. I kept uncovering our son's feet every chance I could.

June 23rd, 2005, 01:14 PM
OMG!! I just saw this thread!!! :eek:

Congratulations on your baby girl!!! Grace is the luckiest to have you and Cheryl as parents!! :grouphug:

WOW!! Congrats again!!

June 23rd, 2005, 01:43 PM
Daddy, if you want an Xbox, let's talk about my allowance! :D

June 23rd, 2005, 11:00 PM
Hey I just realized... I don't know if you ever watch "According to Jim", but the wife is Cheryl and the one of the daughters is Gracie... :) Maybe it's a model of your family of the futre? (I hope not) :D

MORE pics!! There can never be too many. :)

June 27th, 2005, 12:42 PM
I've been away from the internet for a week, but I was thinking about you guys!!!

Congratulations!!!! She's absolutely gorgeous!!! Keep those pictures coming! :p

June 27th, 2005, 01:12 PM
I just found this thread! CONGRATS!!! Gracie is a beautiful name! I love it. She is so tiny and pretty!

June 27th, 2005, 02:53 PM
I just spoke to Cheryl, who came back from thier check-up. Gracie is another 100 grams and a cm and a half longer. She's already above her birth rate. That's the thing about being in my're only skinny once in your life ;) The Dr also said she was smart because she would try and knock away the stethoscope with her hand, something most babies don't do until at least a couple of weeks. I was all proud, then my mom said I was the same way, and we all know how THAT turned out!

As for Cheryl, to give you an idea of how she is doing, she was going to play baseball last night, but forgot her equipment when we got to the diamond. Psycho. And Daisy seems to be adjusting. She's frustrated that we won't play tug-o-war or fetch because of her knee, but she's getting lots of affection. She gives the baby a sniff or two, then a lick. I don't think she realizes that Gracie is here to stay yet, though. When the mother-in-law goes home and we're alone again, then it'll hit (for me, too! Probably right after I go, "Hey! Someone left a baby!). It's still a little surreal, though I'm already having a hard time imagining life without her!

June 27th, 2005, 03:03 PM
How dare you post in this thread without adding a picture! :evil:

Good to hear all is well! Cheryl must be a trooper! I couldn't imagine doing anything after giving birth to a watermelon! LOL Needless to say, I haven't had this experience yet! I know, I know most women don't miss a beat after giving birth. I hope I'll be the same way too!

Good to hear Daisy is doing well! If you let her, would she lick Gracie like a salt lick? My boy would if ya let him!

June 27th, 2005, 03:38 PM
How dare you post in this thread without adding a picture! :evil:

Sorry. Uh, twice...

June 30th, 2005, 06:08 PM
Ohhhhhhhh Schwinn, she is soooo beautiful!!! That hair!!! WOW!!!! And I too, LOVE the name Gracie!!! Totally a cuties name!!! Good job you guys!!! :grouphug:

June 30th, 2005, 06:15 PM
How dare you post in this thread without adding a picture! :evil: I totally agree, please don't do it again. :p

July 1st, 2005, 01:15 PM
Again, sorry! :D

Cheryl just sent me this today (I'm so far of the end of my rope at work these days, I can't find it, so Cheryl sends me Gracie pictures to cheer me up). Apparently she was unhappy that she wasn't being fed, and she has quite the temper when she's hungry. Her mom says she takes after me! :p

July 1st, 2005, 02:08 PM
She's so cute, even when she's sooo peeved!
It looks like ya don't need those baby monitors! :D

Thanks for posting more!!

I love her lil shorts!!! :love:

July 5th, 2005, 02:49 PM
Here's the latest daily Gracie pic Cheryl sent me. She seems to be developing some kind of laser ability with her eyes! I know they melt my heart!

July 5th, 2005, 03:32 PM
Aww Schwinn,what a little princess,she would melt anybodys heart :love:

July 5th, 2005, 03:35 PM
She's utterly precious. I find it amazing how they actually manage to get cuter and cuter each day. ( I say this as my 21 month old daughter is throwing an ear-splitting nap-time tantrum -- but I still mean it! ) :D

July 6th, 2005, 11:00 PM
With that sweet face she will melt many hearts! Watch out daddy! What a pretty girl! :D

July 7th, 2005, 10:12 AM
With that sweet face she will melt many hearts! Watch out daddy! What a pretty girl! :D

Already hitting the gym heavy, so that I'll be the biggest monster her first boyfriend ever met when she brings him home...when she's 30! ;)

July 7th, 2005, 09:20 PM
I guess I have been gone for awhile. I only just found this thread now. Congratulations Schwinn. She is absolutely gorgeous. She makes me want to have a little baby now too (maybe when hubby finally gets a job). Lucky Daddy.

July 7th, 2005, 10:59 PM
Already hitting the gym heavy, so that I'll be the biggest monster her first boyfriend ever met when she brings him home...when she's 30! ;)
LOL did you see my post in the other thread about that exact foo'? In case you didn't, I said, "I pity the foo' who tries to date your daughter..."

(I won't post the link because I don't want this thread to be associated with that one. Never Ever. :fingerscr )

July 8th, 2005, 08:35 AM
Here's the latest daily Gracie pic Cheryl sent me. She seems to be developing some kind of laser ability with her eyes! I know they melt my heart!
Oh, God, Schwinn, that is so cute! Corny, but cute! :p

Your little girl is an absolute doll. Really, really precious. :love: Yup, the gym is a definite must, and I think a firearm or two wouldn't go amiss either. ;) (pictures Schwinn sitting on a rocking chair on the front porch, polishing the barrel of his shotgun as BF#1 comes a-callin'... :evil: ).