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Vacation plans changed

June 20th, 2005, 01:33 PM
hubby and I have decided to change our plans for our vacation. We are going to find a petting zoo or something of the sorts in our area to take Judith to for the day, and them him and I are going to spend the night at a hotel around our area, while a friend of ours sits for us. We have decieded to do this for two reasons, since we have had the baby, we haven't had any alone time, accept wehn she was in the hospital, and I would come home for a day. And two, we have been watching land in MN and are ready to buy. We have found a 40 acre lot for 21000. So we are saving up to buy it. Don't think anyone will really be interested, because it is a old gravel pit, but also has running water and electric hook up, but no house. So we would be getting a steal from it. Both of our fathers said we should not pass that deal up, and buy it as soon as we have the car paid off......