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Update on C.J Number 3

June 15th, 2005, 01:57 AM
Full story above :)

June 15, 2005

Finally after me crying last tuesday as I was afraid CJ wouldnt recover from a new try at new medicine if this didnt work we had no choice to put him down. He was getting medicam injections & then werent helping a bit they were but not much. Last resort Corstone shots.
He was getting this everyday for 3 weeks me going in the morning for IV (fluids) a shot of anti-vomiting medicine/a shot of antacid (for stomach) & once every few days antibotics everyday except sunday for 3 weeks every morning. We were even giving him anti-nausa shots at home here not to his liking (bent the needle twice on us) after that he didnt like me wearing garden gloves to hold him down to get his shot in the back of his neck (like the way the vet showed me) I could never give him the shot myself I was to scared I would hurt my little boy. So I held him down while the husband gave it to him. Everynite we did this...a shot just under his skin by his neck.

Well so far the corstone is working BUT If he throws up he will have to go back for a shot everytime this happens for the rest of his life. And if I have to do that so be it. His life is very precsious to me & so is his sister's too she is the oldest 13 years old & he is 3 & will be 4 in October of this year. They both have been switched to squishy food for gastronic (stomachs) no other food at this time. So far its been 1 week of eating & fluids. And since Sunday of last week 4 days no IV fluids just his regular food (squishy) Science Diet I/D canned he's had an appretite to eat as he is required to eat a can a day. So far he's doing ok I think he went from weighting almost 15 pounds & now he weighs like 8 pounds very skinny but not quite himself not as energic as he used to be but that slowly will come back we hope & if not thats ok too his personality has changed a bit he never used to be a lap kitty & now he is he will come to you if he wants to snuggle with you.
Still at nite he is put in a kennel until the house is completely clean & nothing is left lying around. Its like having a child they willput anything into their mouths & its the same as CJ as he will do the same thing. So far he is doing better & will still keep everyone up to date on his condition. :ca: :angel: :grouphug:

So far so good. Anyways if someones cat eats strange things I would get them checked out by the vet as they only eat odd things when they dont feel well.

June 15th, 2005, 09:35 AM
Oh oh oh.. Your kitty looks just like the kitty I grew up with!!! He's beautiful!

And I'm so glad he's doing better. Big hugs to you and your husband for taking such good care of him!