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bras and breast disease, myths, questions

June 11th, 2005, 06:38 PM
Anyone know if the "talk" about wearing supper supporting/tight bras for long periods of time (great than 12 hours) increases the risk of breast cancer and breast fibroids??

I see some breast cancer awareness sites on the web that say yes, and some that say now. Most of the european ones say yes as they had done more studies.

I have been concerned because I have had left sided breast/chest pain for a few months since getting a "minimizer" bra. THis has been a wonder bra for me as I am DD on the right, and F on the left. It's the only bra that allows me to wear shirts that are the right size for me, instead of getting larger shirts just to cover my boobs. Doc couldn't find anything wrong with me (but I am to go back as the pain is still there) and thought it might be the bra.

It is the only kind of bra I own though (the minimizer)...and I have a LOT of trouble finding bras that fit. It took me 4 hours in a mall, and several stores and specialty stores to find the kind of bra I wear now, I don't want to have to look again. However, if wearing a tight bra for a long time during the day is going to increase the risk of breast cancer or fibrosis...then I don't know what to do.

I was considering breast reduction surgery...but doc won't even consider it for me until after I have kids. Grr.

Anyone have any thoughts? Heard otherwise? have any bra buying tips?

June 11th, 2005, 07:35 PM
ah fellow heavey chester, i know how you feel.... is that the minimizer by kayser?? that is the one i wear....bloody great bra i have found no equal to it that is for sure, my sister swears by it also....

a few years ago they had a big warning in aus about tight bras and cancer, apparenlty if it is ill fitted and too tight it is not a good idea....

but the male doctor who did that show at the time had one stupid suggestion, his idea was that we should all go braless and the bigger girls wear jackets, lol lol lol i dont think he had any idea what he was talking about, if i dont wear a bra i will get a black eye at the least :D :p

but i do agree that too tight or ill fitted is the problem (as well as theother millions of factors that cause breast cancer), if it is causing you pain i would suggest you go to a proper bra shop and be fittted by the experts, i have found this is the best way to get a comfy bra and they teach you what to look for in a good one, its a bit more expensive but just do it once to get that propper fit and then you can fit yourself.....

and yes it may cost more for a good bra, but it will last longer, feel nicer and be more supportive so the expense is worth it......

ah the trials of the heavey chested, they go on ando n and on and on and on and on, dont worry honey i know how you feel......

June 11th, 2005, 08:26 PM
Actually, this bra is a fitted one from a bra shop. It was the only one that worked for me (tight enough around body so it doesn't ride up the back, shoulder straps aren't cutting into me, middle of the front lies flat on breast bone, and non of my boob falls know when you get a tight bra and if it's too small, you get a "bulge"). Don't you love being large chested?!?

I only go braless at night. I couldn't do it all the time! I have two sports bras which I am going to wear for a week and see if that helps at all. They aren't as comfy as my other one though.

I also need to find a strapless bra to wear under a bridesmaid dress in august. Stupid me tried it on with my minimizer bra on, and now when I tried it on with my regular strapless, I can't get the zipper up! Off to the bra store again!

It was only my docs theory as the chest pain/breast pain got worse after the new bra. The bra feels great, but the intermitant chest/breat pain since February is getting bothersome. It's totally random, no pattern either. As soon as it happens, I tend to stress out that it's a heart attack or something, which makes it worse. If I just sit down and breathe deep and ignore it, it goes away in a few minutes. Doc also said the pain could be gas or acid reflux. My mom has acid reflux disease, and doc said it can run in familys so it is likely. Also since I was a kid, I have had acid problems with my stomach. There are tests that she wants to run if it doesn't get better. At least it isn't getting worse.

Cancer of any type doesn't run in our family. Just two distant relatives that I know of had it. I just worry because I also have "fibrous" it's harder to tell if there are lumps so I don't want to increase my chances.

June 11th, 2005, 08:33 PM
and dont you hate it that you can only really get the cute pretty bras in teeny tiny sizes and if they were big enough well they would not support anything?? i hate it, i hate walking into the bra shop and seeing all the pretty teeny ones and the ones i have to buy are very plain jane ot say the least, yes they are wonderful bras and the compnies try but really they are not as pretty and lacy....grrrr i jsut want one of those cute little sets you se, is that too much to ask for?????

and i always think to myself 'who the heck designs the bras and who exactly for as i dont know many woman that can wear them' and i wonder if they test them on real woman or jsut stick figure plastic models/statue thingys in the drawing room.

the biggest prob i have is the cups are right, but the the strap chest size around the body are always way way way too big......grrr the trials and tribulations.......grrrrr

let us know of any info you come across, its a common problem.......

oh and hows your neck, sore from a life times worth of weight jsut like mine im sure.......

i once met a woman who had augmentation, but oh boy she needed it, she was so big it was cripling her back, she had 4kg removed from each brest, and when i saw her after she was definatly feeling a freer woman, now that truly would have be na pain in the neck :eek: :D ........

im no expert, but i have been informed that if it is in your direct family, thati s your mother or sister have it before 50yo then you are predisposed, BUT breast cancer has many other facets and reasons for existing can be very varied, so its no guarantee, its jsut reassuring to know if you are predisposed (which is no guarantee either, you may not necessarily get it, but best be aware and informed).....keep us informed of yoru research

June 11th, 2005, 09:10 PM
im big chested too,

since having the bay im up to DD

do you do self breast exams?? if so you should feel lumps when they occur, i heard the best time to do them is after your period each month

not sure why

there is a history of breast cancer in my family, so i try to do all I can to prevent it

at the end of the day its all really a toss of the coin, but it is good to be informed

as for bras, ive found the tight bras arent always as good as a bra that supports from below.

an underwire bra that fits really properly is heaven!!!

thats my 2cents hehe


June 11th, 2005, 09:11 PM
I have heard, from my old gyno, to stay away from underwire...even tho alot of it is plastic-like, something constantly "pinching" isn't great.

Too bad your not in Montreal, there used to be a great bra place on Queen Mary even handles the aftermath of mastectomies and the people are really nice, and know their stuff!

June 12th, 2005, 09:55 AM
do you do self breast exams?? if so you should feel lumps when they occur, i heard the best time to do them is after your period each month

not sure why

It's only because your breasts change throughout the month, so they say do it the same time every month (I guess when your period is done, it's an easy time to remember).

I shot up 2 sizes last spring after going on the patch. I'n not big enough to need "special" bras, but I do know a place here in Montreal that has all sizes up to H or something. They're hand made too. For now though, I'm sticking with my Victoria's secret bras. (They're the awesomest) :) :) I urge any D-DD person to try the full coverage lightly lined Body by Victoria bra... I got one for my friend and she can't go back... They're so comfortable.

June 12th, 2005, 02:30 PM
I actually have a body by victoria's not comfortable for me.

I do self breast exams probably more than once a month (I'm really anal about that..when you have "lumpy" breasts to start with, you really have to keep an eye on them as it's harder to notice new lumps or changes).

June 13th, 2005, 02:19 AM
:eek: :eek: :eek: The shaping full coverage one?