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what would you do?

Crazy Hippie
June 6th, 2005, 02:00 PM
I'm having a little problem here and I hope someone can help. I have 5 cats, all were strays we've taken in over the years. Two don't get along, Sabastian and Sam, and since we've had Sam 13 years and Sabastian is a recent addition, (and he's the one who tries to beat up Sam, not the other way around) I've been looking for a new home for Sabastian. My friend and her b/f said they wanted him, they are both into animal rights and they have one cat already so I thought they'd be perfect. Yesterday I brought the cat over and their apt is waaaaay up high like 11 floors (it's on "4th upper" which I thought was the 4th floor but turns out it's not) and the cat is the type who we've had A LOT of trouble to keep indoors (we have to spray him repeatedly with water when we come in/out and he even runs through that sometimes, and he's always at the window "chasing" birds, jumping at the glass). I'm so afraid he's going to jump off the balcony at this new place! They said they'd watch that he doesn't and if it was a different cat I'd think it was fine, I wouldn't worry, but I just don't trust him (the cat I mean). Plus, they told me that their friend's cat jumped off in the winter and just landed in the snow. There's no snow now! Maybe that was supposed to make me feel better but it just makes me worry more! Today I emailed them, kindov made up a story that my sis was really upset and could I take the cat back and replace it with another, and they said why would I want to do that knowing the cats fight at home...they don't seem willing to give him back. I should have just told the truth about why I wanted him back but when I voiced my concerns yesterday, all they said was they'd keep him in, but they don't know him like I do...don't understand how determined he is to get out! What a mess, someone please give me some idea what I should do here. I just want what is best for the cat...which isn't to end up splattered on the sidewalk! :sad:

June 6th, 2005, 02:06 PM
If you trust your friend at all then I don't think that I would worry about it. I am sure that they don't want to see the cat jump either. I know that a friend of mine is very careless with her animals and I would know enough not to even let her sit my animals but then I have another friend who would be absolutely perfect with them. I think that it really all depends on how trustworthy and responsible your friend is. I know that if it was me, the cat absolutely WOULD NOT be getting outside, I would make sure of it.

June 6th, 2005, 02:10 PM
Wow i did not think i'd trust MY Precious with anyone..until i read your Post :)
You i'd Trust...

I think you should print your post and give it to them.. i think i'll understand and i am sure both of you can come too an agreement!