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My lovely Kitty Kat is vometing-HELP

June 5th, 2005, 11:29 PM
I was recently adopted by the sweetest, most affectionate, older, 13lb Tabby cat. She is fixed and previously belonged to a neighbor that seemed to care for her very well. (Regular check ups, teeth cleaning, the whole 9 yards). My boyfriend and I just love her. We take great care of her. She sleeps with us, She sits on the desk next to the computer while we work. She is a love bug. Enough said there. A few weeks ago she began vomiting. It is liquidy and yellow(the color of bile). I went away and the kitty seemed fine. This happened a few weeks later. Then the kitty was fine. This happened a third time. My boyfriend suggests it is stress as each of these time we went away for a long period( 5-8 hours and left her in the house due to weather or what have you. I am concerned. Each time she was well right away , but now this is a third time. Any suggestions. Could it be stress. As I said she is very affectionate and very needy of attention. She wakes me a few times a night for attention(this is lessoning the longer she is with us). Thanks for any thoughts.

June 6th, 2005, 05:12 AM
What did your vet say?

Lucky Rescue
June 6th, 2005, 05:04 PM
Is she eating, drinking, and using the litterbox regularly?

June 6th, 2005, 06:03 PM
she seems to be back to normal today. Just like the other times.

Is she eating, drinking, and using the litterbox regularly?