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Big Guy & DaBaby...

June 3rd, 2005, 11:09 AM

DaBaby .. flanked by step sisters Chessy & Pepper

My beasties are all feral.. society rejects, mixed breeds.. abandoned at one time.. most showed up as kittens.. DaBaby 6-7 months when her dad ( Big Guy ) brought her ( now 9 years )... I had been feeding him for years.. he would NEVER be touched.. to old and VERY feral.. but came to recognize his name.. I called him.. The Big Guy.. he showed up in the yard and I just naturally had put out some food as he looked kinda thin.. he stayed clear.. a garbage eating cat.. so this was foreign.. but after I left the window.. and put it further into the yard.. his nose got the better of him.. he skulked over to it.. and gingerly ate.. I was in the upstairs window where he had not noticed.. well day after day.. season after season...year after year.. winter I built him a home outside on my steps of 4" styro.. with small door opening and blanket to get him through those -30 degree temps... as well steady food and water.. for that he was most grateful.. but still ever wary.. after years .. I never was able to get near.. but always enjoyed his company from afar... low and behold.. one day late august.. he showed up with a young offspring.. I was quite surprized.. as he would chase any that were within sight of the large yard.. but this one... he was VERY different with.. I sensed he did NOT want her to have to go through the lifestyle he had endured all these years.. he was now getting older.. and ferals take a beating being outside and ever at the whims of society.. or climate.. He always had a yearning in his eyes to belong.. but some kind of memory haunted/taunted him.. he only allowed his interpretation of our kinship.. and I accepted it on his terms.. ( not that I would not have loved to hold and touch him to tell him he was now safe and could rest with both eyes closed.. anyhow.. he showed her my stairs and she started coming with him for food and water.. with him then alone... she came inside ( was isolated as I could not introduce her before having her tested and spayed.. as not to pass on feline aids or diseases.. to my present cast.. 10 days I slept in my spare room isolated with her.. as she was feral and quite scared..kept her distance.. but once I would fall asleep.. she would get on the end of the bed.. I would not move.. the days passed.... her tests fine.. so during that time.. I would introduce her scent to the others.. just trying to intigrate her.. before allowing freedom of the house.. she fit in fine.. I explained house rules... she has not been a problem.. well except for the wall incident at moving time.. but even that worked out fine... as for The Big Guy... he left one day.. and never returned .. his pictures in my album only a memory now.. his script over.. and hopefully entered heavens gate.. for his was quite a difficult path.. )

So no my cats are nothing fancy.. or pedigree breeds.. just plain ole regular spirits.. like Me.. sharing our time on this human plain together.. devinely thrown together.. for whatever amount of time..


June 3rd, 2005, 12:01 PM
These kitties look fancy to me! I love the middle one's face markings. :)

June 3rd, 2005, 12:25 PM
well day after day.. season after season...year after year.. winter I built him a home outside on my steps of 4" styro.. with small door opening and blanket to get him through those -30 degree temps... :)

Well now i know who's the Angel :)
you're the bestest NutmegHF

June 3rd, 2005, 01:01 PM
What cute fur babies! I love those markings! :D

June 4th, 2005, 09:17 AM
Nuttymeg,you made me cry for Big Boy..but you are a wonderful person for helping out,I had a similar situation with big boy George,fed him for 3 yrs,never came close..only to one day not show up again :sad: I loved him from a distance :love:
Also,your kitties ARE beautiful,all kitties are beautiful...I too have 3"regular"cats,nothing fancy,but they certainly are beautiful to me..I had no choice in the matter,they kind of just happened :D