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anyone know of any good moving companies

June 3rd, 2005, 12:01 PM
im moving end of august i want to get some quote we do not want to do it ourselfs to many times

June 3rd, 2005, 01:38 PM
We moved a year ago, and had a horrible moving company. There was stuff broken, stuff missing.... and they said that they couldn't do anything about it, because the things that were missing weren't on the list. Well, the things that were missing were leather jackets, and other clothes! what are they supposed to do, mark down every single article of clothing too! And as far as the broken stuff, they said that there was no for sure proff that it happend during the move! I don't remeber the company, but I believe it started with a W, and they paack your things in boxes that say Mayflower on them.... If I can find the packing order sheet, I will let you know what company it is, so you don't go by them....

June 3rd, 2005, 01:41 PM
I have heard great things about "two small men with big hearts" moving company. Great customer service.

June 3rd, 2005, 01:49 PM
if you go with moved be sure to pack your stuff yourself as much as you can.

and take pictures of anything thats breakable thats expensive, lamps etc

so you have proof of what they looked like should they get damaged or stolen

we had moved actually break my daughters crib when we moved , she was 6 months old,

they put the crib together but diddnt tell me it was broken.

the next morning i had the scare of my life when the crib collapsed, and Hope was inside.

she was safe, only a small bump on the arm but it scared the hell out of us


June 3rd, 2005, 01:51 PM
thanks just emailed them

June 3rd, 2005, 02:26 PM
If you are near Ottawa, you could try Vaillant. They are in Chelsea and have moved my parents and my boyfriend's parents and both times were great, really fast and a good price.

I checked with "Two Small Men..." when we moved and they were crazy expensive.

June 3rd, 2005, 02:43 PM
When I was transferred to Ontario, the company paid for the move (yippee!!!) and they hired Allied Van Lines. They moved two homes in one truck. Almost everything arrived safe and sound, although there was one box of CDs and stuff from the wall unit that went missing (we didn't notice until a year later, when we were looking for a particular CD).

June 3rd, 2005, 02:45 PM
We used Adam's moving (in Ottawa) - they were superb! We did the packing ourselves - and we did a really good job of the packing (which makes the move faster)......

August 25th, 2010, 12:28 AM
To to search for Unity Van. A friend recommend that to us a year ago. They were polite and really fast. I lost the calling card, you just have to search with :) Thanks

Floppy Dog
August 25th, 2010, 12:19 PM
I've always done my own packing and have used 2 Small Men with Big Hearts and have never had a problem. Their prices are in line with other moving companies here in the Greater Vancouver area.

August 25th, 2010, 01:08 PM
To to search for Unity Van. A friend recommend that to us a year ago. They were polite and really fast. I lost the calling card, you just have to search with :) Thanks

:confused: this thread is 5 years old ! I think the OP has found a moving company by now ....