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Mixing Cats and Dogs. Info please.

June 3rd, 2005, 08:55 AM
Hi ... I am very new here and found this site when I was searching the net looking for info on bringing 2 rescue cats into my home.

I have a 6 year old border collie X (Pepper) and a 4 year old Malamute Husky X (Bailey). Both are house dogs with human tendencies !! :) I am thinking about bringing home 2 male cats about 7 months old, that 4 Paws has for adoption. I think my border will be just fine, Bailey could be a problem ... she is the Alpha dog and I am a little concerned about the natural hunting instincts the Husky in her creates. I would really appreciate any ideas anyone may have ... The last thing I want to do is subject any of the 4 animals to any undue stress and trauma.
Thank you.

June 3rd, 2005, 09:13 AM
Both breeds that you have normally have a very strong prey drive. I'm not sure that cats, particuliarly one's that have been through the rescue system, will be too amicable towards dogs. If they are frightened and run, your dogs may think it's a game. Do these cats at least have their claws still? It will take a lot of hard work and patience to get everyone to co-exist. Also, never leave them alone and with each other in the house when you are out. This could spell disaster. Slow and steady in the introductions is the best bet. Keep the new cats in a room and let the dogs get their scent and vice versa through the door. Then very slow introductions, small amounts at a time. Also, I would keep both dogs leashes on them so you can get ahold of a dog easily if it chases the cat and give it a tug and the leave command. Hope this helps a bit? :o

June 3rd, 2005, 09:26 AM
Thank you ... your opinion is that of ours actually and my husband thinks it could all be a recipe for disaster. We are thinking that maybe we shouldn't commit to increasing our pet family after all, but they are so beautiful and are brothers who fret when seperated. Oh dear ....... what to do ??!!

I am glad you found my post, despite the fact I put it in the wrong place ... shouldn't be in "Newspaper articles" !! Guess I will learn my way around this site eventually ...

PS ... no, neither of the cats have been de-clawed

June 3rd, 2005, 10:58 AM
Well, our cat Loki has lived with a Border Collie and is currently living with an Aussie Shepherd. It's do-able, just expect a long hard road. Our cat has lots of trees and areas he can get to when the dog bugs him. Clover thinks she should herd him everywhere. ;p

Talk to the shelter. See if they'll let you bring in the dogs to meet with the cats. Maybe the cats have already lived with dogs and might not even be phased by them. :)

June 3rd, 2005, 12:45 PM
We have a baby gate up blocking off a room at all times so our cat can head in there anytime and the dogs are stuck on the outside. The cat jumps over no problem!

He has his litter box/food/blanket everything he needs. Hes much more comfortable knowing he has a safe room to go into if he is sick of the dogs!

June 3rd, 2005, 05:36 PM
Oh, and don't expect everything to be settled in a few days. :) We've had our dog for a little over 9 months now, and things can still be prickly some days. No major fights, but the cat tends to like to rough the dog up when he's feeling frisky.

The dog, being three times larger than the cat, thinks he's playing and loves it. Go figure. :P

June 3rd, 2005, 10:50 PM
Thank you so much for your comments. I am still in 'decide' mode but will probably bite the bullet and do it !!!!! I think the baby gate idea is a good one ....

I wish one of you had said .... "oh, it will only take a couple of days !!!" :) But at least now I am under no illusions !! Thanks again.

June 5th, 2005, 06:43 AM
Hi just a few words from exspieriance,We have two male cats and 3 yrs ago aquired our female GSD.The cats had been with us from rescue centres for at least five yrs before the dog joined our family.At the first meeting both cats hissed and shot out of the house to the sanctuary of the garden where for a few days they would be prefer to stay only comming close to feed and on these occasions we would take the dog out for a walk to give them peace.It took around five days before they would walk to within 6ft of our pooch and eventually around 10 days they came into the same room as the dog.After two weeks we got to a nose to nose stand off but gradually the confidences on both sides grew, yes on a lead for intros at first and continuous taliking and strokeing to the dog to keep her from getting to excited and frightening the cats.After a month the three of them would walk around the house together with the occasional hiss but doggie soon knew to move away.We didnt leave them alone together for around 3 months.Nowadays 3yrs later they are fine and we have only had one nasty happening when the cat was approaching slowly from behined the dog to walk past and as doing so was startled by a noise from behined (think something fell off a <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="" onmouseover="window.status='book shelf'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">book shelf</a> ) Cat moved quickly and dog who was lying turned to see what the commotion was and cat fearing dog was turning on him lashed out at dogs eye with claw.Luckily it was only scratch to the eye and soon fixed with the help of some cream from the vet.That was about a year after they met.Nowadays all is fine and they all live happily together.Cats are 15yrs and 9yrs and dog is now 5rys.Good luck ! Patience will pay off !