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Sam discovered the joy of fetch!

June 2nd, 2005, 09:50 AM
LOL but hes a bit lost on WHO can fetch.

i bought him some nice balls last night. and hubby and I sat on the sofa tossing the ball for him, and the baby found it funny, he sat on teh floor watching and laughing.


this morning Sam as smart as a whip picked the ball up and dropped it right at the babies feet. and proceeded to stare at the baby for a half hour waiting for him to toss the ball.

*dies laughing*

when do i inform the pup the baby isnt gonna toss the ball LOL

the look of anticipation is sooooo funny

i tried to get a picture but the batteries were toast on the digital camera

Sams so cute sometimes he kills me


June 2nd, 2005, 09:54 AM
That is so cute! My friend had a dog that wouldn't innitiate fetch, but if you started it, HE WOULD NOT STOP no matter what. I was at there house and not forewarned so I threw the ball. BAD idea. We were trying to study physics, so eventually my friend had to put the dog out in the yard for a while to play on his own so we could study!

Odin is just starting to get fetch. He will do it three or four times, then stop and chew what he was fetching.

doggy lover
June 2nd, 2005, 10:00 AM
tucker is ball crazy once you start he won't stop. If you don't throw the ball he will sit in front of you and speak to you until you do or if he gets really angry he nips you in the back of your arm above your elbow, it hurts like a bugger. I restrict the ball playing to when I want to play and take the ball away when we are done. Tucker likes to take his ball and drop it down the stairs when you are down there so you can throw it up again, so he can drop it down, get the idea.

June 2nd, 2005, 10:20 AM
That's too funny! I bet he was thinking, what's wrong with this kid?? Can't he see that I want him to throw the ball?? LOL

We've had a couple of dogs that never got the fetch thing. Boon wouldn't even chase whatever you threw, although she would watch you throw it and then watch it hit the ground - like, yep - there it goes... Sheena would chase it, but would never bring it back. Lacey would play fetch for a while, but then she would take the ball and go hide so she could chew on it. Hazel will go get the ball, but then she wants you to chase her for it - she very seldom will bring it back to you. She'll come to within a few feet, stop, and jump the other way. If you don't chase her, she'll come a little closer - look at you and jump the other way again. She makes her wishes very clear! :crazy: