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Judith Pictures!!!

June 1st, 2005, 06:05 PM
Well, there have been some of you bugging me about updated pictures of Judith, so when we were at the pool today, people watching because the water is freezing, I took some pictures. I will probably be taking more of us at the pool. We go there every afternoon just to get out of the house. We are usually there from 3 until 6. I am hoping that the pool warms up soon, but with it just being filled not even a week ago, that may be a week or two from now....

June 1st, 2005, 06:05 PM

June 1st, 2005, 06:06 PM

June 1st, 2005, 06:07 PM
if you haven't noticed, she like to make funny faces for the camera already.....

June 1st, 2005, 06:08 PM
last one....

June 1st, 2005, 06:09 PM
aaaaw, so cute!

June 1st, 2005, 06:11 PM
She's adorable! Thx for sharing Lilith. How is the play group working out?

June 1st, 2005, 06:18 PM
tomorrow will be our second day at the playgroup. I was going to go on Tuesday, but I was too tired. James and I were up chatting on MSN late, so we didn't go. But he has work again now that the holiday is over, so I won't be up that late tonight. It kinda sucks that he had to go to AZ, because they don't have daylight savings, so they are 3 hours behind me, and I don't get to talk to him until 10 or 11 my time....

June 2nd, 2005, 08:48 AM
ahhh she looks like such a girl. Very nice little features.
I love the faces!

June 2nd, 2005, 09:07 AM
adorable! :thumbs up

June 2nd, 2005, 09:26 AM
Aww thanks they are so cute! I love her sweet face and that pretty red hair! She looks like she is gonna be a ham for the camera! :D

June 2nd, 2005, 09:32 AM
Aww....I want one!!