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Just a rant

June 1st, 2005, 03:57 PM
I'm just annoyed, so I thought I would post.

After I walked Levi this morning, I was going to take him to the soccer field across the street from me to have a little run. I was coming back home and saw this dog in the driveway (I call the dog "Buddy"). I see Buddy ALL the time. He's not a stray - he's fed, nails clipped, knows "sit" and "paw". I've seen him loose about 5-6 times now. He just runs around the neighbouring peeing on everything (this made Levi upset because he peed on all Levi's bushes). I finally was fed up, so I called animal control. I know it's expensive to get your dog out of there, so I figured this would teach Buddy's owners a lesson. (Buddy doesn't have tags and is still intact). I waited about 45 minutes for animal control to get there...gave Buddy some water, tried to teach him "down" (couldn't help myself) and entertained him.

I just feel bad for him because he's gotten out so much and i'm sure he's gotten out more than the 5-6 times I've seen him. And the fact that he's intact doesn't help matters. It's like his family doesn't seem to watch him or don't care that he's getting out. And of course, poor Buddy doesn't know the difference - he's just caught up in it all and has to go through the 'going to pound and be put in a cage with lots of barking dogs around' stuff.

It's just annoying that his family doesn't have more responsibility, and care for him more. He's awful sweet - seems like a big baby. I believe he's either a purebred lab or lab/golden mix, but he's probably about 70-80 lbs, with a beautiful caramel coat.

That's about it. :pawprint:

June 1st, 2005, 09:26 PM
Did animal control come and get Buddy?

His owners are totally irresponsible (obviously) and definately need to be educated. Do you think they will actually go and get Buddy?

I really don't understand why some people own dogs and I don't just mean the outright irresponsible ones. I was thinking myself today that so many people I know have a dog (usually a tiny, hairy, yappy canine) that is spayed, licensed and groomed but NEVER goes out for a proper walk, is usually not well-trained (some listen to sit and down but definately not COME or STAY) and is oftentimes left alone for hours in their crate. What joy can there be in owning a dog that is not trained and that you don't walk anywhere but the backyard? Of course if you are seeking loyalty and companionship it makes sense but most of these dogs are way to screwed up to offer it. It baffles me!

I hope that Buddy is okay and that his owners take beter care of him (I won't even get started on the lack of neutering!)


P.S. Poor Levi has to rush around marking all of HIS bushes again :cool: !

June 2nd, 2005, 10:26 AM
Yep, they came and got him. The guy that came was small and probably weighed less than the dog. I had to help him lift the cage into the truck, which Buddy DID NOT want to go in.

I actually heard today from a neighbour that Buddy lives with a mom and four children and that she has a hard time with them all. When the dog needs to go out she just opens the door and he goes out. Then she usually can't find him when it's time to come back in... My neighbour also mentioned that she might not be able to afford to get him back, which makes me feel bad, but if she couldn't afford him she shouldn't have got him in the first place. Plus, he's a sweetheart, i'm sure he'd find a home in no time!

Daisy's Owner
June 2nd, 2005, 10:46 AM
I know you feel bad because Buddy is a nice friendly dog, but what if he wasn't. Or if you hadn't called AC, someone might be scraping Buddy off the asphalt. It's going to cost this woman a heck of a lot more to bail out her poor puppy then it would be to buy one of those stakes and ties you can get at Canadian Tire.

You did the right thing. Even if this woman can afford to get her puppy, maybe it will smarten her up.